GDBBM – Chapter 412

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Chapter 412: “Defamation (4)”

“Master Gu kicked Jun Xie out of the Spirit Healer faculty early this morning and said that Jun Xie was not a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty at all. The real disciple that Master Gu selected was Zi Mu. You can look here Senior Fan, Zi Mu is wearing the jade emblem symbolic of the Spirit Healer faculty, and Master Gu had personally pinned it on him.” The youths hurried pushed Li Zi Mu to the front, who had been hiding at the back of the crowd all this time.

Li Zi Mu’s skinny body when pushed to face up to Fan Jin’s towering frame immediately went limp.

Li Zi Mu might have been smug about having been accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty, but he still did not dare face up to Fan Jin squarely.

Fan Jin’s brow furrowed as he stared at the weak and frightened Li Zi Mu before him. Although his eyes were filled with disdain at Li Zi Mu’s actions, he was certain that the jade emblem on his chest was indeed from the Spirit Healer faculty.

What was going on here?

Fan Jin remembered very clearly. On the night before the new disciples were admitted, Gu Li Sheng had asked Fan Jin to see him at the Spirit Healer faculty and said to him that he had set his eye on an applicant who had enrolled into the Zephyr Academy a couple of days ago. He was waiting for the new disciples to be admitted and would bring that disciple straight into the Spirit Healer faculty. Gu Li Sheng had explicitly said the two words “Jun Xie” and there was definitely no mention of anything near Li Zi Mu.

Even the uniform that Jun Xie was wearing was claimed by Fan Jin himself and he had handed them to Jun Xie together with the Spirit Healer faculty jade emblem.

That had only been barely half a day ago! How did things become like this?

“What’s your name?” Fan Jin stared at Li Zi Mu and asked.

“Li….. Li Zi Mu.” Li Zi Mu was quivering under Fan Jin’s stare.

“Your jade emblem was given to you by Master Gu?” Fan Jin asked again.

Li Zi Mu nodded while trembling, and he stuttered as he replied: “It….. it was pinned by….. by my Master himself…..”

Fan Jin’s frown grew deeper.

He knew his memory was fine. But things have gotten so confusing. The boy standing before him was totally useless, he was even unable to stand upright before him, and he was the disciple that Uncle Gu had set his sights on and decided to carefully nurture with all his heart? That was not possible!

That was the first time Fan Jin doubted Gu Li Sheng’s eye for spotting talents, and he wondered if Gu Li Sheng was ill.

“I think there must have been a misunderstanding in all this. Jun Xie did not steal your position and do not let me hear anyone bring this up to bother Jun Xie after this, or I will not let that person off easily.” He was not able to find anything weird in the situation before him and Fan Jin decided to quell the tension here for the time being.

It did not matter whether Jun Xie was the disciple Gu Li Sheng chose, and Fan Jin liked Jun Xie anyway. He found Jun Xie to be a quiet and fiercely independent junior and he saw nothing to dislike about the boy.

With Fan Jin’s warning, the other youths did not dare to object and nodded vehemently, not daring to say another word.

After seeing that the group of youths had backed down, Fan Jin finally turned to Jun Xie and saw that he was still enveloped in his spiritual power’s orange glow. He hurriedly coaxed: “I know you would not do such a thing like that. Don’t let them affect you so much. If anyone gets hurt here, there will be no end to the trouble that will come after.”

He might not have faced Jun Xie all this time, but Fan Jin could sense the intense murder in Jun Xie’s eyes.

Fan Jin himself had been shocked when he saw the cold chilling murder in those eyes. He suddenly realised that if he had not appeared when he had, the ones taken down would not be Jun Xie, but the ignorant youths who had surrounded the tiny figure before his eyes.

Under Fan Jin’s patient coaxing, the murder in Jun Xie’s eyes faded, and the pair of clear eyes regained back its cold calm.

Without knowing why, Fan Jin heaved a big sigh of relief when he saw that.

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