GDBBM – Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: “Defamation (6)”

All heads turned at the source of the voice and saw Yin Yan smiling at Fan Jin and Jun Xie, who were just about to leave.

Upon seeing the white jade emblem hanging on Yin Yan’s chest, everyone knew where he was from.

A Spirit Healer faculty disciple had actually stepped forth!

Fan Jin had said earlier that there had been a misunderstanding somewhere, and his unique position and esteemed reputation had made many of the seniors to start to doubt whether the events had really happened as Li Zi Mu had said. But now, a disciple from the Spirit Healer faculty itself, which had been the focal point where all this ruckus had stemmed from, had suddenly appeared, and condemned Jun Xie for not apologising.

What did that mean?

Did that mean that all the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty knew the truth about what had exactly transpired, and they have a good reason to be making things difficult for Jun Xie?

The scales that had been balanced by Fan Jin, had suddenly tipped precariously again with Yin Yan’s appearance.

Fan Jin stared at Yin Yan with a frown.

Jun Wu Xie stopped in her tracks and stared at her roommate who was adding fuel to the dying embers.

There had only been two instances when Yin Yan and Jun Wu Xie had encountered each other, but that had been more than enough for Jun Wu Xie to know Yin Yan held great enmity for her.

Yin Yan walked slowly towards the pair. When he saw all the heads turn towards him after he spoke, he laughed in glee in his heart.

The show was just about to begin.

“Having Senior Fan being protective of Jun Xie really shows us the care and concern you have for your junior. But if you want everyone to forget the whole incident just because of that care, not many people would be convinced. Whenever a wrong is committed, punishment should be meted out. Trying to take Li Zi Mu’s place to enter the Spirit Healer faculty obviously shows Jun Xie was in the wrong, and even if we spare him any punishment, a word of apology is still necessary at least. If not, wouldn’t it make people think that the Zephyr Academy do not even differentiate between simple right and wrong? Just because a disciple is shielded by you, they can carry out any wrongdoing without fear? And have the victimised disciples swallow the humiliation in bitter silence?”

Yin Yan voice spoke neither too fast nor too slow, and every single word was driven deeply into the hearts of everyone present.

Yin Yan’s words insinuated that Fan Jin was using his fame and position in the Zephyr Academy to erase Jun Xie’s wrongdoing and using his influence to force Li Zi Mu into submission.

His venomous words had trampled upon Jun Wu Xie and taken a swipe at Fan Jin at the same time.

As expected, after Yin Yan’s words, the dining hall erupted in whispers of guesses and debate.

Fan Jin’s face darkened immediately. He might be the Headmaster’s adopted son, but he had never relied on that identity to complete anything that he set out to do. Instead, it had been because of his unique situation, that he could not afford to be less hardworking than all the others, and fight to be more outstanding before he would ever be acknowledged.

But Yin Yan’s words was effectively trying to undo all his years of effort put in.

“Yin Yan, do you know what you are talking about? Does anyone have any proof that Jun Xie had done any of that intentionally? The world is full of misunderstandings and how do you know this is not one of them?” Fan Jin asked with his eyes narrowed, as he pushed down the rage threatening to well up within.

“Oh? From what Senior Fan is saying, does it mean that Senior Fan knows the truth? I would really like to hear it. If I have misunderstood Jun Xie, I will apologise to him. If I haven’t, I would ask that Senior Fan not to be overly protective as it is always good to learn from mistakes. If not, if Jun Xie were to stir up any more trouble in future, wouldn’t he think that Senior Fan would have his back and not fear the consequences?” Yin Yan said with a smile. When he saw Fan Jin frowning in fury, Yin Yan nevertheless felt comforted.

Fan Jin’s brow was deeply creased. If he knew the truth of the matter, he would have revealed it all earlier and not have allowed all these youths to defame Jun Xie like this.

But he had only just gotten to know about this and as to what had actually transpired, he had not had the time to find out as yet.

Yin Yan was however still pushy, not showing any signs of letting up.

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