GDBBM – Chapter 401

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Chapter 401: “Spirit Healer (1)”

While everyone’s jaws were all still on the floor, Jun Wu Xie had nevertheless remained completely unaffected. Fan Jin had come just to tell her to report to the Spirit Healer faculty early the next morning. Fan Jin was a disciple of the Beast Spirit faculty and did not know too much about the Spirit Healer faculty though.

Jun Wu Xie listened quietly and parted ways with Fan Jin thereafter.

However, in just one night, the name Jun Xie spread throughout the Zephyr Academy and reached the ears of everyone.

It was due to the fact that he was the only disciple accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty and that fact lent a brilliant halo to shine, attracting much curiosity and a larger part of stares of disdain due to the wicked rumours swirling all over the place.

Attracting the eyes of everyone wasn’t always a good thing and as Jun Wu Xie made her way back to the dorms, the stares that came from all directions were mostly unfriendly and filled with malice.

Early the next morning, Jun Wu Xie went to report at the Spirit Healer faculty.

The Spirit Healer faculty might have very few people in there, but the space of the campus was extremely spacious, and was in no way inferior to the other two faculties. It was obvious that the emphasis the academy placed on the Spirit Healer faculty was an just as important as the other two more crowded faculties.

Within the huge towering faculty building, a few lone figures could be seen scattered throughout. They were dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform and they wore a jade emblem upon their chests.

And just as she reached the entrance, Jun Wu Xie met someone she knew.

He was speaking with another disciple when Yin Yan saw the tiny figure enter. He raised his head and when Jun Wu Xie came into his vision, his pale face suddenly darkened. He had not gone back to the dorm last night as he had been busy in the Spirit Healer faculty. He had not expected himself to actually see Jun Xie the very next morning!

“What are you doing coming here to the Spirit Healer faculty?” Yin Yan asked with a deeply furrowed brow.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and said curtly: “Reporting.”

Yin Yan’s face changed to one of shock and before he could say anything, Jun Wu Xie had already continued on her way and was entering the Spirit Healer faculty’s building. The other disciple whom Yin Yan was speaking to saw Yin Yan’s dark face before turning to stare after Jun Wu Xie’s diminishing back while he said: “You know him?”


“Jun Xie. The kid who just passed us. You were busy here at the faculty the whole night and you must not have heard that the kid’s first day here at the Zephyr Academy had barely ended when his name became famous throughout the whole academy.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Yin Yan asked, puzzled.

“Our Spirit Healer faculty, had only one disciple admitted this year. It was decided by Master himself and that person was named Jun Xie.”

Yin Yan’s eyes widened alarmingly. He could not believe his own ears!

“What did you say ! ? That brat is a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty?”

“That’s right….. We are fellow disciples with him from today onwards.” The other youth was oblivious to the struggle that surged within Yin Yan’s eyes.

Yin Yan clenched his jaw in anger and walked off towards the faculty’s building.

Senior Ning’s guess had been right after all. The fact that Fan Jin would readily mentor the kid was not as simple as things seemed.

As the thoughts raced through his mind, Yin Yan’s mouth curled up into a malicious smile. It was little wonder now that Fan Jin would so eagerly accept his mentorship of Jun Xie. He must have known from the start that the tiny brat would be directed accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty. A potential candidate to become a full fledged Spirit Healer….. Fan Jin had really picked well!


You do not become a Spirit Healer that easily.

He would really like to see, just how good Fan Jin’s choice was!

A creepy chill crept into Yin Yan’s eyes and when his eyes caught sight of the back of the tiny figure making his way up the steps, the chilly malice within his eyes continued to rage and swirl unchecked.



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