GDBBM – Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: “Spirit Healer (2)”

Jun Wu Xie was not aware that a venomous snake had his eyes set on her. Her eyes were instead taking in all the sights before her within the Spirit Healer Academy, and commiting them to memory.

She had not come to the Zephyr Academy with the intention to learn anything from them, and neither was she interested in fighting over anything with anyone here. If she had not found the Spirit Healing technique to be useful, she might have chosen to waste her time away in the Beast Spirit faculty while waiting for the arrival of Qiao Chu and the others.

It was in fact this very nonchalance and devil may care attitude that, just after a single day after being admitted, made her infamous throughout the academy, and that was something Jun Wu Xie had not expected.

The study of Spirit Healing mainly took place within the faculty’s building. The building was split into five levels and Jun Wu Xie followed the instructions given to her last night and went straight up to the top level, towards Gu Li Sheng’s office.

“Gotten used to it yet?” Gu Li Sheng asked, having waited for quite a time. He was seated behind his desk and was smiling as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Used to it? She had not met with anything that would interfere with her so far.

In the past, no matter where she went, it had not made much of a difference to her. But with the Jun father and son with her, besides the Lin Palace, every other place felt the same.

“Did asking you to join the Spirit Healing faculty make you feel aggrieved in any way?” Gu Li Sheng asked with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie considered it a moment before she replied: “Spirit Healing will be useful to me.”

“Hahaha.” Gu Li Sheng laughed aloud, unable to hold it in. His question had been meant to tease the boy a little and he had not expected to get such a serious reply from him.

Feelings, seemed to not matter much to the boy, and hence, he wouldn’t be feeling aggrieved, would he?

The Spirit Healer faculty had just been seen as nothing more as a place that was of use to the boy and Gu Li Sheng was instead the one feeling a tad bit aggrieved.

“Since it would be useful to you, learn it well. Tell me whatever you know about Spirit Healing for now.” Gu Li Sheng asked with his arms crossed over his chest, looking at Jun Wu Xie stoically. This was Gu Li Sheng’s first time, over the many years since the founding of Spirit Healing, that he had broken the mold and accepted a disciple before enrollment was even completed and the boy was also the only disciple he had accepted this year. The Zephyr Academy’s headmaster and the vice headmaster had both spoken to him about the matter yesterday separately, but that still had not made him change his mind.

He would rather place value on one excellent disciple over many who might still never ever make the mark.

Jun Xie stared at the expectant Gu Li Sheng who was waiting for him to embark on a lengthy debate and calmly replied with a single word: “Nothing.”

“…..” Gu Li Sheng’s smile froze on his face. He was rather certain he must have heard wrong.

“Not….. a tiny weeny bit?” Gu Li Sheng looked at Jun Wu Xie with a flabbergasted look. His answer was really….. exceptionally refreshing to hear!

Among all the disciples who have come to the Zephyr Academy, was there a single one who knew not a single thing about Spirit Healers? Which rock had this boy sprouted out from?

Jun Wu Xie nodded, her face in all seriousness.

Gu Li Sheng buried his head into his hands, highly suspicious that there was something wrong with his eyes.

“Alright.” Gu Li Sheng finally calmed himself down sufficiently to say. He summoned every ounce of his control to maintain his facade of an amicable and graceful teacher to slowly place a book right before Jun Wu Xie.

“The basics of Spirit Healing is all written in there. You will find it useful.”

Jun Wu Xie stretched her hand over and lowered her head to start reading as the pages flipped quickly.

The book was not thick and Jun Wu Xie had flipped through it a few times. She memorized everything in there and subsequently placed the book back on the table.

Gu Li Sheng observed Jun Xie as he flipped through the book a few times quickly and had then just placed the book back on the table. Suddenly, he found that his mind could not process a proper response to Jun Xie’s actions.

He stared at the book on the table, and then he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie only stared back at him, his face expressionless.


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