GDBBM – Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: “Envy, Jealousy, and Hate (4)”

Even the little black cat that was snoozing on Jun Wu Xie’s lap could sense the thick hatred coming from all those hate filled stares. It opened its eyes and looked at its calm mistress.

Jun Wu Xie’s face did not show any emotion and it was calm as if carved out of stone.

The little black cat covered its eyes with its paw. From another perspective, its mistress’ reactions were almost the same as an autistic child.

Before the little black cat could finish lamenting on its mistress’ oblivion to others, one of the youths had already stepped out and was walking towards Jun Wu Xie.

“The one that Master Gu chose, is it you!?” The youth still refused to give up and could not help himself but to ask.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head slowly and looked at the aggressive youth before her. She merely gave him one brief glance before she lowered her head once again to return to stroking the little black cat.

Finding himself ruthlessly ignored, a sudden fire burned within the youth. This kid is being unbelievably arrogant! Not a single word in reply but to just shoot him a contemptuous look! How could anyone take it lying down!?

If the little black cat had spoken then, it would have told the fuming youth this:

“Boy, you are getting it all wrong….. My mistress isn’t being arrogant, she is just a little speech impaired!”

In both her previous and present lives, she had not existed or lived in any social environment. Even after joining the organization, she had operated alone. In regards to such a place like an academy that had large numbers of people living in the same place, this would be her first time being admitted into one.

When she had been in the Phoenix Academy, the whole East wing had only the few of them staying in it and it had not been too bad. But here in the Zephyr Academy, the place was filled to the brim with menacing eyes and hostility from people and Jun Wu Xie’s self containing walls have naturally deployed in defense.

The effects of those walls had caused Jun Wu Xie to be labeled to be an haughty and conceited person, who held everyone in contempt!

Seeing that the youth was about to hit out at Jun Xie, the man warned for them to stop, preventing the tragedy that was about to occur. He told all the youths off sternly, preventing any altercation from erupting from the tense situation. As he scolded the youths, his eyes were invariably drawn to the inconspicuous figure seated in the corner.

That was the kid Gu Li Sheng had his eye on?

That personality was a little hard to take though.

Before the man had come to the lecture, he had met with Gu Li Sheng earlier and found out that the disciple that Gu LI SHeng had picked was among the group. He had come to the lecture with his curiosity aroused, but throughout the whole lecture, he had not noticed anything extraordinary about the boy, Jun Xie. The only thing that stood out was that personality of hers. Since he had appeared till now, that kid had not even raised his head even once, and had only been toying with his ring spirit. He did not understand what was so outstanding about the kid.

The man had initially thought that since Gu Li Sheng had decided to only accept one lone disciple this year, the disciple must have been extremely outstanding. But now that he had seen the boy, that did not seem to be the case.

Although he had verbally stopped the other disciples from laying their hands on Jun Xie, he felt that he did not really appreciate Jun Xie’s personality.

A kid that was so individualistic would not have an easy time in her days ahead in the Zephyr Academy.

Right before dinnertime, the man finally decided to release all the new disciples.

The youths had not dared to defy the man and had not made any moves against Jun Wu Xie in the room but had intended to find themselves a deserted corner somewhere and teach the arrogant brat a good lesson. However, when the youths came out through the door, they all froze.

With his bright smile flashing, Fan Jin was standing just in front of the door. His tall frame allowed him to scan his eyes through the group of youths and he soon spotted Jun Wu Xie at the end coming out alone. Under the surprised gazes of the other youths, Fan Jin strode up with big steps towards Jun Wu Xie.

What was going on…..

Senior Fan Jin actually came all the way out here just to pick that puny brat up ! ! ?



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