GDBBM – Chapter 397

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Chapter 397: “Envy, Jealousy, and Hate (1)”

“Yes.” Yin Yan nodded.

Senior Ning was finally satisfied and waved dismissively at Yin Yan. He dared not protest in the slightest and obediently left the library of the Beast Spirit faculty.

Back in the dormitory, Jun Wu Xie was completely unaware of the series of trouble coming her way, brought about by the well intentioned arrangements Gu Li Sheng had specially made for Jun Wu Xie.

Seeing that Yin Yan was not back yet, Jun Wu Xie changed into the Zephyr Academy’s uniform. It was be said though, the Zephyr Academy with their exorbitant fees, had taken care of every single details very carefully. Even the uniforms of the disciples used the finest fabrics, but it was the least they could do afterall.

On the first day the new disciples were admitted, they would only be transferred to their respective  faculties the next day. And on that first night, all of them were to go attend a lecture about the Zephyr Academy.

Before dinner, tens of the new disciples gathered in small groups of three to five and made their way towards the lecture. All of them were changed into their new Zephyr Academy uniforms, the young youths were all in smiles and in a jovial mood.

Jun Wu Xie walked into the room alone. Within the large room, all the other disciples were seated and Jun Wu Xie’s arrival attracted quite a bit of debate among the youths.

Every single disciple who was admitted in the same batch into the Zephyr Academy together with Jun Wu Xie, held great enmity against the unbelievably lucky youth. They all knew that the Spirit Healer faculty only accepted three disciples yearly and Jun Xie had taken up one spot before they were even officially admitted. That had only meant that the competition for those highly vaunted places would be greatly intensified.

“I really don’t see what’s so special about that kid. Besides his spiritual power, he is inferior in every other aspect compared to us. Why should he get all the luck?” A new disciple complained as he cast a glance at the lone figure of Jun Xie in the corner, grumbling to his companions .

Jun Wu Xie was the youngest among all of them there and the next youngest among this new cohort who had been directly admitted into the main division was already fifteen and a half. Their spiritual powers were all still stuck in the red level, and the reason they had gained direct entry was due to the fact that they possessed rather powerful ring spirits.

It was a fact that in the beginning, the effect their spiritual powers had mattered little and people relied on the might of their ring spirits. The power strong ring spirits exhibited in the earlier stages was more obvious when compared to weaker ring spirits of similar level and the speck of spiritual power of the ring spirit holders at that stage was not important.

Until they reached the green level, would spiritual power gradually demonstrate greater effects. For people below the green level, they would still be helpless if they meet a powerful ring spirit as an opponent.

Like if a person was at the red level in his spiritual power and he possessed a grade three ring spirit, he would be able to completely overpower an orange leveled opponent.

Hence, even when Jun Wu Xie’s achievement of an orange level at fourteen had made many jaws drop, to these youths who were able to gain direct entry into the main division, they instead held powerful ring spirits. The weakest one among them was a grade three ring spirit and they did not need to fear someone just because he achieved the orange level.

“His luck will not stay with him forever. You think you would definitely become a Spirit Healer once you are admitted to the Spirit Healer faculty? For all the disciples accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty every year, only one person would remain in there. Looking at him, I do not think that he will last long in the Spirit Healer faculty.” The group of youths laughed and chuckled as they stared at the tiny figure, still silent in the corner.

With jealousy eating at their hearts, it made them yearn for Jun Xie to quickly fall from grace.

It was known, that once kicked out from the Spirit Healer faculty, they would not be allowed to stay on in the Zephyr Academy and was expelled completely.

Unfriendly stares came from all directions but Jun Wu Xie sat in the corner of the room completely unaffected. She just sat there quietly and gently stroked the little black cat in her arms.



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