GDBBM – Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: “A Disagreeable Roommate (4)”

Yin Yan nodded in understanding. Senior Ning’s words made him look at the entire situation from another perspective.

“But, I have seen the kid’s ring spirit as well, and it’s just a ordinary little black cat….. It didn’t seem to be extraordinary in any way.”

“Just an ordinary little black cat?” Senior Ning’s attractive face took on one of cold mockery. Her eyes looked at Yin Yan tinged with regret. “Do you think if the kid did not possess any capabilities and possessed only a little black cat, he would be directly admitted into the Zephyr Academy’s main division? Little Yan, you are still too young.”

Senior Ning’s words splashed like cold water on him, waking the ignorant Yin Yan up rudely.

He had only looked at Jun Wu Xie’s age and the unremarkable little black cat. But he had naively forgotten about the fact that Jun Wu Xie had been one of the few applicants that had successfully gained direct entry into the Zephyr Academy’s main division.

Yin Yan himself was an applicant who had been admitted directly into the main division and he naturally knew how difficult it was to achieve that feat.

Having been reminded, his contempt for Jun Wu Xie seemed to have tapered a little.

“Senior Ning is right as usual, your junior here has learnt something.” Yin Yan humbly acceded.

Senior Ning laughed, the sound a light tinkle, and without any other acknowledgement, she lowered her eyes back onto the book in her hand. However, without looking up, she continued to say: “The fact that Fan Jin had gone on his own accord to take in the new disciple as his ward must have made you feel rather bitter, didn’t it? He had totally disregarded your existence before and now he is showing so much concern for a newly admitted disciple. It pains me to see the great disparity of his actions in the way he treats the two of you.

Senior Ning’s words cut like a knife on Yin Yan’s heart as the humiliating scene surfaced once again in his mind, and he was reminded once again by the pictures of his unforgettable disgrace. In the next moment, Yin Yan’s face had darkened terribly and his hands clenched into fists. His arms were held tight against his body and veins protruded on them, the only signs revealing his mightily suppressed rage.

Senior Ning’s face flashed with an almost unnoticeable smile but it very quickly faded away.

“But that is already a thing of the past, and I think Fan Jin must have deeply regretted it. You are no longer that ignorant freshman anymore and have made it into the Spirit Healer faculty. Compared to many of the other disciples, you would tower of them with your achievements. There is no need to wallow in self pity anymore.” Senior Ning gently placated Yin Yan, after having incited his rage and hatred under the mask of sympathy.

Yin Yan was oblivious to the fact that his emotions were being manipulated by a mere few words uttered by a young lady, all well within her control.

“Yes! I thank Senior Ning for your concern! I will never forget the humiliation I suffered that day. I am what I am today due to Senior Ning’s benevolence.” Yin Yan said with a cold laugh, his eyes narrowed at the memory.

[That’s right, he Yin Yan was already a member of the Spirit Healer Faculty and had earned the endless envy of countless other disciples. He was no longer trash that others despised!] [Fan Jin, I will make you see, that the disciple you yourself have chosen, be reduced to become trash, before me, Yin Yan!]

Yin Yan’s eyes grew more and more malicious and Senior Ning noted that change, and her chilling smile grew wider.

“I was willing to give you that chance, not out of pity, but because of the belief I have in your potential, and it was worth it for me to pave the way for you. You must not squander the efforts I have put in.” Senior Ning’s voice was touching was it carried a tone that allowed no breach to its meaning.

“Rest assured Senior Ning, your wish is my wish. I will not disappoint you.” Yin Yan replied with a malicious smile.

Senior Ning beamed and raised her head at him: “Then, first go find out everything you can about the new disciple under Fan Jin’s wing.”


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