GDBBM – Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: “Envy, Jealousy, and Hate (2)”

The noise quickly died down. Dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform for teachers, a man walked onto the front of the stage. With a stern face, he began to explain to the new disciples about the three main faculties.

The disciples were simply picked and segregated into the various faculties based on their ring spirit’s type, with the exception of the Spirit Healer faculty. The criteria was a little different. When the man mentioned the words “Spirit Healer faculty”, all the ears in the crowd pricked up.

Before the new disciples had come here, they had heard a lot from their seniors. The selection of disciples to enter the Spirit Healer faculty was always conducted after the meet on the first night of their admittance into the academy, and Gu Li Sheng would pick the disciples personally.

That was the main reason the exuberant youths were willing to sit patiently throughout the long lecture on the attributes of Beast and Weapon Spirit which the directly admitted disciples had known very well about!

They were waiting the whole night for this! Just for this moment!

Gu Li Sheng!

The founder of the Spirit Healer faculty, and the founder of Spirit Healing. The man at the top of the golden pyramid, who looked like he was only in his twenties.

No one would ever have imagined, the one and only Spirit Healer, would be a young man looking just like being in his twenties, and founded Spirit Healing.

But, no one would actually naively believe that Gu Li Sheng was in his twenties.

In the eyes of the people across the vast lands, they only knew his identity as the founder of Spirit Healing, and the people knew he was in the Zephyr Academy.

But in regards to his origins, his background, his age and his prowess, they were all shrouded in mystery, and no one knew for sure.

Spirit Healers had never been heard of before Gu Li Sheng extended his assistance to heal his country’s supreme leader’s ring spirit. He became an overnight sensation after that and he soon became the name most highly sought after, and it in turn became his profession.

He started in the Zephyr Academy as a never heard of faculty, to become the place every single disciple of the Zephyr Academy yearned to be.

For those disciples studying Spirit Healing in the faculty, before the youths in there even became full fledged Spirit Healers, all of them would have received invitations from various powers within just the first one month they gained entry into the Spirit Healer faculty.

Gu Li Sheng was very lax with his disciples and besides teaching and guiding them in the art of Spirit Healing, he did not meddle much into their lives nor restrict them in any way. Hence, for the disciples admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty, irregardless whether they chose to serve under their own families’ name, or to accept the olive branches offered by the various powers, their reputations and social standings had already grown wings before they even graduated!

It was very clear what having a Spirit Healer on their side would mean for any power, and if they succeeded in becoming a full fledged Spirit Healer, they would gain all they ever wanted and the future held endless possibilities.

All the youths below the stage waited in wide eyed anticipation, waiting for the moment that was finally about to come. Even though Jun Xie had already stolen one of the available spots, at least one or two more among them still stood a chance to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty. Whether any of them would eventually become a Spirit Healer would be up to their own capabilities!

The man at the front of the stage stoically completed the full itinerary in a monotonous voice before he suddenly looked up and scanned the crowd of youths, who were all staring back at him with fire in their eyes.

Every year, at this point of the meet, the man knew exactly what the youths were all thinking.


This time he was about to disappoint them.

The man stayed silent a moment before he suddenly sighed heavily before saying: “I know very well that all of you are waiting eagerly for the arrival of Teacher Gu. But I am sorry to say that he would not be coming today.”



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