GDBBM – Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: “Enrollment (5)”

Gaining admittance into the Spirit Healer faculty was totally unexpected for Jun Wu Xie herself, not to mention for all the people before the academy’s gates.

Her objective for this trip was to locate the second piece of the human skin map with Qiao Chu and the others. She had not thought….. that she would be unknowingly noticed by the founder of the Spirit Healers and invited to accept his tutelage.

Under everyone’s envious and jealous eyes, Jun Wu Xie left, her face a sea of calm and went to join Qiao Chu and the others under a huge tree as previously arranged.


The four pairs of eyes that met her were rather surprised.

“Little Xie….. Did you know that Gu Li Sheng before this?” Qiao Chu asked Jun Wu Xie immediately when she came over, unable to suppress his curiosity even for a moment.

Jun Wu Xie replied unhesitatingly: “Never met him.”

“You’ve never met him?” Qiao Chu’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What did he do to you earlier?” Rong Ruo surveyed Jun Xie head to toe and after seeing that Jun Xie looked fine, she was finally relieved.

“Healed my spirit.” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

Shock showed on all four faces.

Rong Ruo asked again: “How was it?”

Jun Wu Xie did not reply but raised her hands. They saw a ball of black mist form on those hands and gradually a graceful little black cat appeared within her arms.


[Did I sleep long?]

The little black cat snuggled into Jun Wu Xie’s arms and closed its eyes to a slit in comfort, its long tail dangled over Jun Wu Xie’s arm, swishing lazily through the air.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head, her eyes looking at the little black cat within her arms, and the cold feeling of loss that had steeped within her for so long finally started to fade gradually.

Qiao Chu and the others had all seen the black cat before, but besides Qiao Chu and Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo had only seen the black cat unconscious. This was the first time they had seen the little black cat awake!

When the little black cat was brought back to the Phoenix Academy, even Yan Bu Gui had declared that the little black cat had been injured more seriously than Jun Xie and would most probably not awaken. But the little black cat was now obviously snuggled deep into Jun Xie’s arms happily content, and that greatly surprised all of them!

“The world really is a vast place, people that can heal ring spirits really exist?” Hua Yao wondered, more to himself than to the others, with his eyes narrowed in thought. It wasn’t just in the Lower Realm, but even in the whole of the Middle Realm, nobody had ever heard of it.

When they had first heard about the Spirit Healers, they had been rather skeptical. But the little black cat’s recovery stood as a strong prime example before their very eyes and that was an undeniable fact.

“Now, the four of us have been allocated into the branch division, so Little Xie, you do not need to do anything in the main division but to just wait for us to get promoted there. Erm….. didn’t that Gu Li Sheng invite you to join his Spirit Healer faculty? If you can learn the technique and become a Spirit Healer, that would just be fantastic.” Fei Yan said with a laugh.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, within that period, she could learn to understand more on the methods employed for the training of her spiritual power as she had so far only relied on her innate capabilities when using her spiritual power.

The branch division conducted an appraisal every quarter and for those who displayed exemplary increase in their spiritual power within that period stood a chance to be promoted into the main division. Hua Yao and the others would have to wait at least three months after their discipleship start for them to join Jun Xie in the main division.

And that was agreed upon by the five companions under the huge tree.

For all successful applicants into the Zephyr Academy, they were to report to the Zephyr Academy on the fourth day after the start of the academy’s enrollment.

Jun Wu Xie returned to the inn and put the little black cat on the table before she opened her cosmos bag to retrieve the sphere that contained the Snow Lotus.

[This little imp’s injuries….. seems no less grave than what I sustained.] The little black cat sat upon the table and said with its eyes narrowed as it stared unblinkingly at the Snow Lotus. The last memory it had was the dire battle in the Cloudy Peaks, and that battle would forever remain a scar etched into its mind.


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