GDBBM – Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: “Enrollment (4)”

After some time, the man dressed in blue released Jun Wu Xie’s hand, and his attractive face was rather pale, with a thin sheen of sweat covering his brows.

The people from the Zephyr Academy around the man saw that the man dressed in blue was showing signs of exhaustion and stepped up to hold him.

The man dressed in blue waved them off gently and insisted for them to step back.

The healing of the little kid’s ring spirit took up far more of his energy than he had expected and he had not needed to deplete such a severe amount of his energies for a long time. It had felt like he had not just treated an injured ring spirit but more like he had almost resurrected a ring spirit from the brink of death.

The man laughed bitterly inwardly, on the one rare occasion he had decided to show a bit of benevolence, he had to meet with such a trying incident. He could have pulled back halfway when he had first felt uncomfortable, but he did not know why, when he looked onto the face of the little kid before him, and that boy’s eyes had showed that tiny flash of amazement, he could not make himself hold back but had soldiered on with the healing.

To the point that he was now finally drained and feeling rather exhausted.

“I’m tired, all of you can just carry on.” The man dressed in blue rejected the offers of help and just looked at Jun Wu Xie once more before he turned and left.

Jun Wu Xie could feel that gradually strengthening spirit within her body. She looked up in gratitude, stared at the retreating back of the man dressed in blue and said: “Thank you.”

The man dressed in blue stopped in his tracks and turned around. He looked at Jun Wu Xie’s expressionless face and replied with a smile: “There’s no need. You are now a disciple of the Zephyr Academy and as a Master here, I should naturally help a little with the recruitment. You are Jun Xie right? If you are interested, after you are admitted, come to the Spirit Healers faculty to look for me. My name is Gu Li Sheng.”

After that, Gu Li Sheng turned and walked away without stopping, feeling a tad bit unsteady.

Gu Li Sheng? Spirit Healers Faculty? Jun Wu Xie was still considering Gu Li Sheng’s parting words when the crowd before the Zephyr Academy’s gate suddenly broke into an uproar!

If all the youths at the gates of the Zephyr Academy were just envious of Jun Wu Xie previously, the youths after hearing Gu Li Sheng’s words had suddenly turned their envy into unbridled jealous rage!

Gu Li Sheng! That was the founder of the Spirit Healers faculty himself!

It was said that any Spirit Healers throughout the lands now had all studied under Gu Li Sheng’s discipleship!

Before Gu Li Sheng, Spirit Healers had not existed before!

It was only because of Gu Li Sheng that the Zephyr Academy had the unique and highly exclusive Spirit Healer faculty!

What did that little brat Jun Xie do to be graced with such an encounter!? Just a fourteen year old orange leveled spirit did not deserve the highly revered and esteemed Gu Li Sheng come just to see him! And Gu Li Sheng had not done just that, he had actually personally invited that brat of a Jun Xie to join his Spirit Healer faculty! !

Upon hearing that, all the other youths were indignant! They all stared at Jun Xie, wishing they could swallow him whole then.

Every single one of them had fervently wished that they could be shoved into the Spirit Healer faculty and that brat had so effortlessly been accepted into it just like that!

The brat had even captured the attention of Gu Li Sheng and that made Jun Xie already shine in brilliance before he had even stepped into the Zephyr Academy!

The furious and indignant youths had now diverted their stares filled with envy and jealousy at the two men who had brought Gu Li Sheng here. They were all enrolling into the Zephyr Academy as disciples, why would they go invite Gu Li Sheng just to come see a mere applicant just like them ! ?

The two innocent men had to suffer under the indignant and angry stares when all they did was to invite a Teacher to come take a look when they found that Jun Xie was highly gifted, but had possessed a badly weakened ring spirit. Who knew that the Teacher they found would turn out to be Gu Li Sheng and he had chosen to appear before everyone here? No one would have expected that Gu Li Sheng would find the little kid soothing to his eye and directly accepted him immediately too…..



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