GDBBM – Chapter 390

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Chapter 390: “Enrollment (6)”

“I will heal him up.” Jun Wu Xie said determinedly. When they were still at the Phoenix Academy, she might not have been able to find a way and could only depend on the water from the Heaven’s Spring. But she had now personally witnessed Gu Li Sheng’s technique as a Spirit Healer and she had resolved to learn it.

The little black cat just rubbed itself against Jun Wu Xie’s hand.


The three days for enrollment into the Zephyr Academy finally ended and a larger part of the youths were allocated into the branch division, while only tens of them made it into the main division.

Jun Wu Xie entered the doors to the main division with the other tens of disciples but all the way from the moment that they had all stepped in, she was ostracised and pushed out and was always at the back of the group.

The incident when Jun Wu Xie had received Gu Li Sheng’s preferential treatment had spread among the youths. All those who had been directly accepted into the main division were highly gifted and they had inevitably viewed themselves to be more privileged than others. When they had come to the Zephyr Academy, they had set their sights on gaining entry into none other than the Spirit Healer faculty but they had found that an inconspicuous brat had snatched that spot from them instead, and were feeling a tad bit bitter about it.

The youth leading the new disciples into the Zephyr Academy looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old and he wore a jade badge carved into the shape of three stars. The youth had not spoken a single word and though one of the new disciples stepped up to him to make some small talk, the older youth had only given the young youth a cold wordless stare.

The Zephyr Academy lived up to its name as one of the top three academies throughout the lands. Every inch of the architecture within the grounds were lavishly luxurious and did not feel the least bit gaudy but classy and majestic. As they walked through the halls, the eyes of the new disciples were wide open, captured by the grandeur as they turned their heads all around, amazed by the endless spectacles of splendour.

They were finally brought to a big hall when the youth leading them stopped in his steps and turned to look at the new disciples. He proceeded to say without any expression: “Newly admitted disciples will be mentored by our senior disciples.”

Right after the older youth finished his sentence, tens of good looking and pretty youths stepped out from behind the hall. Their ages were between eighteen to nineteen years and the jade badges they wore on their chests were carved into three stars as well.

It had been the age old tradition in the Zephyr Academy that the newly admitted disciples would be mentored by their seniors to familiarise themselves in the beginning. It was a matter of course that the privilege was only extended to disciples who had passed the tests during the enrollment and were directly accepted into the main division. For those allocated into the branch division, they were left to fend for themselves.

Understanding that they would be largely dependant on their seniors in the days to come, the younger youths all raised their heads and looked longingly at the group of senior disciples before them.

“These are the new disciples for this year? I don’t see anything special about them.” One of the senior disciples said with a yawn, seemingly not entirely enthusiastic about mentoring the newly admitted juniors.

Being a mentor to new disciples sounded grand, but in reality, it was a task shunned by all the seniors.

For the young youths who had just come to the Zephyr Academy, they were completely clueless and oblivious to any of the rules there. The seniors were obligated to not only explain those rules one by one, they were also required to take time out from their training to guide their allocated juniors. Such an uncalled for task was boring and a waste of time to them, and moreover, once they took up the task, they were stuck with them for at least two years before they could rid themselves of the baggage.

Unless the seniors were specifically picked, none of them were willing to accept such a thankless task.

It was due to these factors that made these seniors of the Zephyr Academy unable to make themselves show any goodwill towards the newly admitted disciples and instead look at them with disdain.     

Nevertheless, the seniors did not have much of a choice in the matter and they quickly chose whoever looked the least displeasing from among the group of juniors.

Their criteria for their choices were simple. It was based on age. The older they were, the more independent their ward was expected to be, and the younger they were, the more trouble they would be sure to cause.


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