GDBBM – Chapter 383

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Chapter 383: “The Elder Appears (4)”

“What’s going on here?” Hua Yao asked as he looked at Qiao Chu’s shocked face and then at Fei Yan’s and Rong Ruo’s perplexed expressions.

Qiao Chu was incapable of speech and could only raise a heavily shaking finger to point at Jun Wu Xie.

Rong Ruo cleared her throat before she could speak and said: “Little Xie said….. Those elixirs we sold were real.”

Even the usually calm Hua Yao paled at the news.

“Jun Xie, you cultivated those pills?” It was Hua Yao’s turn to stare in incredulity at Jun Xie as he asked again, still unable to believe his ears. When Jun Xie had suggested that he impersonated  Mu Chen and use the famed name of the Qing Yun Clan to peddle those elixirs, he had thought the very same way as his companions that Jun Xie had intended to hoodwink the disgustingly rich brats here with mere common elixirs and he would never have expected that…..

That little kid had given him the real deal….. Those elixirs’ effects were as they claimed!

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly and her eyes were expressionless. She did not understand why a few elixirs would elicit such dramatic reactions from her companions.

Even Hua Yao who was already mentally prepared found himself unable to respond to Jun Xie’s honest reply that had thrown a bolt at him.

The four pairs of eyes that stared at Jun Wu Xie were incredulous. Was this kid really from the Lower Realm? They were the ones from the Middle Realm….. How was their Little Xie pulling out all these elixirs that they had never even knew existed?

Jun Wu Xie looked at her four companions staring at her as if she were some hideous monster. She was silent a moment before she reached into her cosmos bag and pulled out a white  porcelain bottle.

“You want it?”

All at the same time, four pairs of eyes sparkled brightly!

They had just seen a similar bottle earlier, it looked just like the bottle Jun Xie had handed to Hua Yao to peddle.

As to what was inside, they all only knew too well by now.

“It….. It’s really for us?” Qiao Chu asked swallowing noisily and he could not take his eyes off the white porcelain bottle in Jun Xie’s hand.

Jun Wu Xie pushed the bottle that contained the Heaven defying elixirs into Qiao Chu’s hand without a word.

To her, it was just some excess elixirs left over from the batches she had cultivated for the Rui Lin Army, and did not matter much.

At that time, Jun Wu Xie had singlehandedly cultivated one hundred thousand elixirs just like those for the Rui Lin Army!

Jun Wu Xie herself was surprised that her elixirs would sell so well. She had never had to worry about money and she did not even consider how much her elixirs were worth. The figure she gave Hua Yao earlier was based entirely on the amount they needed. She had absolutely no idea if they were worth that much or not.

But the chaos that ensued had proven it…..

Worth every cent!

Jun Wu Xie might have unilaterally decided to steal Mu Chen identity, but she had no intention of sullying the man’s name as he made his way towards the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City.

When the thought of the Qi Kingdom came to mind, Jun Wu Xie’s head lowered. She had gotten Ye Sha to send news to Jun Wu Yao, and to have Jun Wu Yao inform the Jun Family’s father and son that she had embarked on a journey of training with her Master, and there was no need to worry about her.

But Jun Wu Xie’s spontaneous little “fund raiser” though unintentional, brought about quite a bit of headache for Mu Chen.

As till far into the future, news of Mu Chen’s ability to cultivate those Heaven defying elixirs spread throughout the Lower Realm and when these elixir hungry people heard that Mu Chen was in the Qi Kingdom’s Lin Palace, they all swarmed to him, scaring Mu Chen into hiding in the Lin Palace and not daring to take a single step outside.   

That is the future, and would not be discussed now.

Now, they had the money. The five of them did not have to worry about the fees any longer. Jun Wu Xie generously gave five hundred thousand taels to each of them and dispersed the group, to join the queue.

After the “Mu Chen” commotion died down, the queue before the Zephyr Academy regained its order.


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