GDBBM – Chapter 384

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Chapter 384: “The Elder Appears (5)”


After queueing for one whole day, the five of them did not even manage to touch the Zephyr Academy’s gates. In the midst of the sea of people, Jun Wu Xie decided to leave and stood on one side. The Zephyr Academy’s enrollment would cease when night fell and resume the next morning. She watched as the sun made its way down towards the horizon and decided that they did not stand a chance today.  

Just as the sun was about to set, a group of people dressed in white clothes trimmed in blue came out through the gates of the Zephyr Academy. The man leading them looked to be in his early thirties, his face upright with a pair of eyes brimming with energy. The others behind him were all youths between eighteen and nineteen years of age and they all wore on their chests a jade emblem carved into the shape of a star.

When the group stepped out through the gates of the Zephyr Academy, all the youths who had been in the queue for one whole day suddenly became excited.

“Where is the Qing Yun Clan’s Elder Mu?” The leader of the group asked of the guards standing at the gates.

One of the guards whispered a few words and the man’s eyes frowned, his face a look of disappointment. With a heavy sigh, he brought the group back inside the academy.

Fei Yan watched on hidden behind the other youths and with his pretty looks which did not determine his sex, he went one round within the crowd and came back to assemble with Jun Wu Xie and the others after that.

“Looks like Little Xie’s bait not only won us money, it had also baited a big fish.” Fei Yan said with a smile as he leaned against a tree branch.

“What did you find out?” Qiao Chu asked excitedly.

Fei Yan did not play coy and shared all that she gathered: “That man who just came out is one of the teachers from the weapons spirits branch. The Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy has one son who suffered from a weak constitution and has been sickly from a young age. He has been kept alive with the help of countless medication taken daily and the Headmaster’s various rare and treasured herbs and elixirs. As the young master’s body is weak and he is unable to undertake long journeys, the Headmaster had kept him at home to strengthen him up. The son had finally recovered enough to make a trip to the Qing Yun Clan for Qing Yue to treat him when unexpectedly, the Qing Yun Clan disbanded! That man earlier must have gotten wind of Mu Chen’s appearance and rushed out to take a look, but a pity…..”

Fei Yan’s smile was wide as he related the information to the others. Wherever there are crowds, he could always get the information he needed.

“Hey, do you think if the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy finds out that the very same culprits responsible for the annihilation of the Qing Yun Clan are currently applying to enter his academy, would he send all his men to come kill us off?” Qiao Chu added fuel to the fire with a laugh.

The Qing Yun Clan was not as benevolent as they seemed, to get Qin Yue to help, one would need to pay a heavy price.

“Definitely! But Little Ruo and me would be fine though. As for you…..” Fei Yan said with a wicked laugh.

But on the other hand, the Headmaster’s son must suffer from bad luck. Having lived for so many years, he was unable to recover enough. And his body only chose to become well enough for travel just after Jun Wu Xie annihilated them.

It was such a shame.

“I heard that the Headmaster had resorted to inviting prodigious doctors to come to the Zephyr Academy to treat his son and no one knows whether that had yielded and improvements.” Fei Yan said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as his eyes turned.

Right after Fei Yan said that, the eyes of the other three fell at the same time onto the tiny figure of Jun Xie.

Prodigious doctor?

Wasn’t this small framed petite figure beside them the most prodigious doctor with hidden talents!?

After seeing Jun Xie treat Qiao Chu and Hua Yao and they had almost knelt and completely prostrated themselves before his skills in Medicine.

Jun Xie looked up to face the stares thrown at him and simply turned to walk towards the inn they had arranged accommodations at earlier.

“It’s late.”

He didn’t seem to be interested at all!



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