GDBBM – Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: “The Elder Appears (3)”

The youth who was pushed out behind the crowd stared at the endless wads of bank notes waving in the air and discreetly threw a thumbs up at his three other companions standing behind the tree.

The explosive shouts of demand continued for awhile more and the commotion drew more eyes to look in the direction of the tree. In moments, the neat queue before the academy broke as many more youths rushed to come under the tree.

“Mu Chen” suddenly stated that the demand was too overwhelming and he had only four more elixirs with him.

Upon hearing that, the crowd erupted in chaos!

It would be reasonable that elixirs with such astounding effects would be rare and its quantity extremely limited. But since they had chanced upon such an opportunity so hard to come by, they were not prepared to lose it!

While the price was previously set at three hundred thousand taels previously, the overwhelming demand pushed the price up and it rocketed to five hundred thousand taels easily for each elixir sold.

After the four elixirs were sold out, the rest of the disappointed youths refused to give up and continued to pester for other elixirs to be sold to them as pity for not being able to get one of those four elixirs.

That’s right, they asked to be pitied…..

Hundreds of thousand taels splashed out and they feel “Mu Chen” sold them the elixirs out of pity.

Those elixirs would change their life completely and with their families’ prodigious wealth behind them, the money spent would barely be a drop in the sea.

However, Elder “Mu Chen” said that he was cleared out of elixirs and a wail of despair subsequently swept through the youths before they dispersed in dejection…..

As “Mu Chen” left, many pairs of eyes were staring at his back in regret.

All but four pairs. Four youths were laughing hilariously behind the tree.

“Little Xie! That was just too wicked! With each elixir, you swindled them of five hundred thousand taels! We got ourselves two million taels with just those four elixirs! The returns were just astronomical!” Qiao Chu looked at those youths staring forlornly at “Mu Chen’s” back as he departed and he laughed even harder then. Qiao Chu wondered if those youths ever find out that the “Mu Chen” they saw was actually Hua Yao in disguise, what kind of thoughts would go through their minds…..

Hua Yao’s ability to freely control his bones coupled with Jun Xie’s talent at changing a person’s outlook enabled them to imitate anyone they met completely and they had absolutely no problem copying the looks of Mu Chen whom they had close contact with in the Qing Yun Clan!

“I spotted the kid who mocked us before and he managed to win one of the elixirs from us. Hahaha….. If he only knew that he spent five hundred thousand taels to purchase an ordinary elixir, I wonder if he would vomit out blood then!” Qiao Chu felt better the more he thought about it. Jun Xie’s underhanded scheme was really too much! If anyone else had claimed to possess such Heaven defying elixirs, no one would have believed a word of it. But they had brought out Mu Chen of the Qing Yun Clan, who specialised in veins and arteries, to make that claim, which lent undeniable credence to their words.

No matter how rotten the Qing Yun Clan was in reality, in the eyes of the people throughout the lands, they were the epitome of Medicine!

Jun Wu Xie stared at the guffawing Qiao Chu and said in a chill voice: “Those were not ordinary elixirs.”

“WHAT?” Qiao Chu was stupefied.

Fei Yan who heard Jun Wu Xie looked at her in shock while she asked: “Little Xie, you mean those elixirs would really change the state of their veins and arteries!?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Qiao Chu and the others suddenly became speechless.

All these youths in Lower Realm claimed they had not heard of it, even the four of them who were from the Middle Realm did not know that elixirs that could change the state of veins and arteries even existed!

“You….. you mean it’s real!?” Qiao Chu still had not recovered from the shock. He had thought that the elixirs they sold were ordinary elixirs and never in his wildest dreams would he expect them to possess the effects they had claimed!

Jun Wu Xie nodded again.

“HOW CAN THIS BE!!!?” Qiao Chu shouted in disbelief. His shout shocked Hua Yao who was just returning to the group after shedding his disguise.



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