GDBBM – Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: “Inverted (1)

Jun Wu Xie awoke from sleep and went out to the courtyard soon after. She saw a group of burly workmen fixing up the East Wing but her steps did not slow as she continued on towards the pond that the Snow Lotus was recovering in.

These few days, she guarded by the pond immediately upon awakening. She had previously done it just because Yan Bu Gui had told her to, to watch over the weakened Snow Lotus. But recently, she could clearly feel an intense flow of spiritual power flowing into her body endlessly. The surge of the spiritual power was actually more intense than when she had used Jade Nectar to cultivate the Snow Lotus’ seed in the beginning!

In just a few short days, the spiritual powers in her body had achieved a more than significant increase and this situation puzzled her a little.

As she sat by the pond carrying the sleeping black cat, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were fixed on the Snow Lotus that was gradually radiating with life.

The once withered bloom, had shown signs of coming back to life as its dried up lotus leaves had dropped off one by one and was growing out new petals as well.

“Little Xie.” A voice sounded from behind Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie turned around to look and saw four blindingly striking figures standing behind her.

They had changed out of their washed till threadbare clothes and were now dressed in fine clothes. The designs of the clothes were simple, but the material used was of good quality.

Clothes really did made the man, and it was readily obvious at that moment.

The four of them were already blessed with outstanding features but their old threadbare clothes had greatly diminished their looks. Now those new clothes had completely removed all that wretchedness and they all looked every inch like a young nobleman, graceful and handsome, that would draw all eyes irresistibly to them.

Fei Yan was dressed in a long coral blue dress and she was tugging at the hem of the dress coyly. Compared to the three handsome smiles, Fei Yan’s expression was somehow a little perturbed.

Three jade green leaves to match a brilliant red flower. Fei Yan stood out looking more lovely and attractive in the contrast as those almond shaped eyes slightly lowered, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Do we look good?” Qiao Chu asked as he tugged at his outer robe, a jade ornament dangling from his hips.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes stopped as they hovered over Fei Yan and Rong Ruo a moment before she said: “Inverted.”

“What?” Qiao Chu asked, puzzled.

“Or do you like to dress like that?” Jun Wu Xie asked with her head tilted, as she looked at Rong Ruo and Fei Yan.

Fei Yan and Rong Ruo were deeply shocked and it was a while before they reacted to what Jun Wu Xie had said.

“You know?” Fei Yan asked, with eyes wide in amazement, staring at Jun Wu Xie.

“Know what?” Jun Wu Xie asked Fei Yan.

“I….. I am a boy, and Little Ruo here is the girl…..” Fei Yan pointed at himself and then pointed at Rong Ruo.

Rong Ruo was wearing an unnaturally handsome smile on her face.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“See!? Qiao Chu! You and your dumb ideas! You told us that Little Xie would never know our real sexes!” Fei Yan cried out and pounced at Qiao Chu and pummeled at him.

In the beginning when Yan Bu Gui had brought them here, Fei Yan was the smallest in size. The clothes that they wore were old clothes that Yan Bu Gui had managed to beg from the headmaster. One of them had been for ladies. Since Fei Yan was the smallest in size among them and Rong Ruo could not fit into the lone piece of ladies clothing, it fell onto Fei Yan to wear it. And ever since, everytime Yan Bu Gui went out to get clothes for them, all the smaller sized ladies wear were always given to Fei Yan and moreover, Fei Yan had always been a boy with girlish features looking very sweet when dressed up as a girl. Driven by necessity due to the lack of adequate boy’s clothing, Fei Yan had always been mistaken to be a girl by the other disciples of the Phoenix Academy. The graceful air, handsome looks and tall slender frame of Rong Ruo had the masses thinking him to be a elegant boy instead…..




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