GDBBM – Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: “I Did It. So? (1)”

The Phoenix Academy did not have a large campus and decades ago, it was a fairly prosperous academy. But a huge fire had suddenly broken out then and claimed all the lives of the disciples and teachers. Overnight, the highly sought academy by many youths throughout the lands was left in ruins. Although people had subsequently given money for the academy to be rebuilt later, but the academy’s glorious past did not return.

The present Phoenix Academy had four wings and the total students totaled just around a hundred. Compared to the many academies that easily boasted a thousand students, the Phoenix Academy was deemed to be pathetic.

After the Phoenix Academy had just been rebuilt, the academy did not have a single student for three whole years. The lengthy lull had made many reputable teachers leave for other academies. And to ensure the survival of the Phoenix Academy, the headmaster of the academy was forced to further lower the criteria for enrollment.

From initially being only open to the talented, they had lowered the criteria to accept anyone and everyone who had the ability to pay the fees into the Phoenix Academy now.

The Phoenix Academy only had four teachers and they were in charge of the four separate wings of the compass’ directions, namely North, East, South and West. The headmaster was a person who had great greed for money. Any as long as the students were able to pay up, he did not care much about anything else.

Many of their students were from ordinary families, or untalented sons from rich families who were rejected by prestigious schools and just shoved into the Phoenix Academy to just pass time.

Yan Bu Gui was one of the Teachers of the Phoenix Academy, and was in charge of the East Wing. And the number of students enrolled within the East Wing came up to a grand total of four. They were namely Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo. If it was not for the low numbers for the Phoenix Academy’s enrollment, they would not have even allowed Yan Bu Gui to occupy the East Wing with just his four disciples.

They occupied the premises, and the monies due were expected in return from them.


Jun Wu Xie’s gaze fell on the four disciples of the East Wing. The two times she had met Qiao Chu, he had been dressed in tattered clothes and all his clothes had been full of patches. Hua Yao’s clothes might have been neater and cleaner, but the fabric was thinned from repeated washing and she had deduced that their financial situation was not in good shape.

From the shouts of the aggressive youth before them, she gathered that Hua Yao and the rest had not paid a single cent towards their fees owing to the academy. And the headmaster had repeatedly sent people here to hound them for repayment, but had been suppressed by Yan Bu Gui many times.

But the situation today, seemed to be a tad bit unsuppressable.

“The headmaster had given his ultimatum! If you still cannot pay up, you must pack up and scram immediately! Do not think for a moment you can still depend on Yan Bu Gui to shield you all any longer! The headmaster is feeling very displeased with him and he might not stay here much longer himself!” The leader of the youths blasted his mouth off mixed with a series of curses.

Jun Wu Xie watched quietly from the side and saw that the youth’s spiritual powers was merely at the bottom of the red level, but Qiao Chu and the others were allowing themselves to be berated and verbally abused.

She wasn’t sure of Fei Yan’s and Rong Ruo’s powers, but she was fairly certain that they were definitely comparable to Qiao Chu and Hua Yao.

With their highly capable skills, defeating those youths before them would be a piece of cake. But why were they not moving at all?

Jun Wu Xie could not understand it at all. To her, in all her lack of knowledge of the intricacies of the human to human interaction, only one point stood out. If people do not oppose her, she did not harm them. If anyone went against her, she would pay them back a hundred times back.

The arrogance and domineering attitude from group of youths against the silent quartet had gone overboard.

“What a bunch of shameless dogs. They themselves are in debt owing their fees towards the academy and they insist on continuing to freeload here. They even had the cheek to bring back more trash, thinking this is some shelter for homeless strays and beggars?” The leader of the youths turned to pick on Jun Wu Xie, when he saw the skinny petite figure of a boy, and did not deem Jun Wu Xie to be a threat.




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