GDBBM – Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: “Discipleship (2)”

The mouthful of wine in Yan Bu Gui’s mouth sprayed out fully onto Qiao Chu as he choked heavily.

Qiao Chu was stunned.

“Cough, cough, cough….. What did you just say?” Yan Bu Gui asked, his eyes wide in horror, as he stared in disbelief at Jun Wu Xie.

What did he just call him?


Yan Bu Gui shivered and every strand of hair on him stood. He looked around frantically for any signs of a merciless Lord.

“Master.” Jun Wu Xie repeated calmly as she stared at the flustered Yan Bu Gui.

Yan Bu Gui only sat trembling uncontrollably, his face flushed and was unable to speak a single word.

Qiao Chu wiped at his face vigorously to remove the wine sprayed over him and gave his Master a forlorn look.

“Master, Little Xie might still be very young but he is really amazing! Don’t reject him like this.” Qiao Chu said indignantly. Yan Bu Gui had only four disciples and the circumstances that brought about their discipleship were extremely unusual. Whether Yan Bu Gui would accept Jun Xie was not known to them.

If it was anybody else, it would not have bothered Qiao Chu so much. But he already saw Jun Xie as someone almost like a brother and he wished for Jun Xie to study under the same Master as them.

Yan Bu Gui was shivering though there was no chill.

Accept Jun Xie as a disciple? He treasured that fact that his head was still attached to his body.

But asking him to reject Jun Xie was just as horrific for him.

If the Dark Emperor knew that Yan Bu Gui dared to reject Jun Xie as a disciple, his fate would not turn out any better.

And if he accepted Jun Xie as a disciple….. ARGHHH!!

Yan Bu Gui would meet with an insufferable fate whichever way he chose.

After hesitating for a long while, Yan Bu Gui suddenly stood up. Fei Yan and Rong Ruo stopped their match and turned their heads to watch their Master.

“Let me think about it.” Yan Bu Gui escaped in a hurry from the garden, unable to make himself stay a single moment more.

The terror in his heart did not allow him to make a decision as a wrong move would need him to pay back in with his blood.

He did not accept, and neither did he reject. The situation frustrated Qiao Chu as he knew that Jun Xie would make an exceptional disciple for his Master. Besides the fact that Jun Xie’s personality was rather queer, he did not see anything else that was wrong.

“Little Xie, don’t worry. Let Master think about it a moment. He has always been rather cautious about accepting disciples.” Qiao Chu was afraid that Jun Xie’s ego might be pricked and he tried to comfort him.

Jun Wu Xie’s face was nevertheless calm and did not seem affected in the least. She was never easily swayed whenever she decided on something. From her perspective, whoever was able to produce disciples like Qiao Chu and Hua Yao had a certain level of ability, and it was only normal that they were a little temperamental.

Rong Ruo looked at Jun Wu Xie. He had almost wanted to open his mouth to say something but finally decided against it. The others did not know the reason, but he knew it only too well.

The man who had brought Jun Xie back to the academy the other day was someone that even Yan Bu Gui was afraid to offend. Yan Bu Gui’s current dilemma must have something to do with that man.

Silence filled the garden. Suddenly, several shouts sounded and the faces of Qiao Chu and his other three fellow disciples turned weary.

“They are here again! When will this end?” Qiao Chu remarked as his shoulders slumped.

No sooner than he had finished his statement, a group of youths dressed in uniforms barged in, shouting at the group.

“Qiao Chu! How many days has it beens? That little brat that you guys brought in the other day is still staying here!?” The leader of the group of youths wasn’t very tall and his face showed great displeasure. He stared at Jun Wu Xie, who was standing next to Qiao Chu, his eyes full of disdain.

Jun Wu Xie looked coldly at the arrogant youth and saw the similar looks of disdain the other youths in the group gave them.

“Cough, it’s just a few days. Do you need to be so pushy?” Qiao Chu asked exasperated.

The leader of the youths widened his eyes in anger and pointed at Qiao Chu’s nose screaming: “Just a few days!? Do you know by having one more person around, how much more it will cost us every single day!? Food, clothes, use, lodge. All of that costs money! The East Wing had always been owing and in deficit and it had been for at least a year now! You guys then decided to take in another freeloader and it seems he isn’t going to pay up either!”


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