GDBBM – Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: ” I Did It. So? (2)”

Qiao Chu and the others clenched their jaws tight, their hands closed tightly into fists, but did not say a single word.

They had been cursed like this many times before, and they could do nothing but restrain themselves and suffer their abuse.

“Give us a few more days please.” Rong Ruo finally pleaded, his voice amicable.

Who would have expected that the leader of the youths suddenly spat on Rong Ruo’s face! “Even if we were to give you months, you guys would never be able to come up with a single cent! Get out of the Phoenix Academy! We do not want beggars like you here!”

At that moment, a change came over the expressions on the faces of the four of them. Qiao Chu tensed up and he stepped forward in unsuppressable rage. However, he had taken only one step when Rong Ruo held his shoulders and shook his head.

“Oh? What was that? You want to hit me don’t you?” The youth stared at Qiao Chu, his face sneering with contempt.

He was thinking back to the countless times he had done this to them, and every single time, the beggars of the East Wing had not dared to retaliate.

Qiao Chu clenched his fists so hard his palms were bleeding. If not for Yan Bu Gui’s orders, he would have torn that sneering face apart.

Alas, before the youths’ leader could revel in the cheers that erupted from his companions, a heavy punch landed right on his face and he found himself suddenly flying through the air!

All eyes turned to the person who threw the punch.

Jun Wu Xie was still carrying the unconscious little black cat in one arm, while the other arm was still fixed in mid air. Her cold expressionless face showed no emotion, but those eyes flared with chilling murder!

“Little Xie…..” Qiao Chu’s rage disappeared like a deflated balloon at that moment and he stared speechlessly at Jun Xie, a mix of emotions going through him.

The youth who had flown was hurriedly helped up by the other youths in between his groaning as he held his hand to his swollen face, his eyes staring in anger at Jun Wu Xie.

“A beggar like you dares to hit me!? You must be tired of living! All of you! Take him down!” The youths’ leader shouted in rage, and the other youths surrounding him all jumped towards Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed dangerously and shoved the little black cat into Hua Yao’s arms. Her agile body suddenly glowed a bright orange and she charged straight into the midst of the attacking youths!

The bigger youths had expected themselves to be able to easily take down the puny little brat and had charged in headlong without fear. And when that orange glow had surfaced suddenly on the brat, shock registered visibly on all those youths’ eyes!


That puny brat was a orange leveled spirit?

It was already too late for them to stop their forward momentum and an orange light flashed among them and all the youths suddenly fell back covered in injuries!

It had only been a blink of an eye, but those same youths who had been arrogant and contemptuous just a moment ago were now all lying upon the ground in tears, groaning in pain. The anger and arrogance on the face of the youths’ leader soon faded and his eyes widened in fear at the slowly approaching figure of Jun Wu Xie.

“You…. What do you want!? I….. I am the head student leader of the South Wing….. Don’t you dare harm me or…..”


Before the youth could finish, Jun Wu Xie threw another punch on his face and grabbed at his collar with her other hand before he was blasted away by the force!

Following that, with his collar tightly held and his head still spinning from Jun Wu Xie punch, he wanted to protest but Jun Wu Xie’s brutal fist was already on his face and the merciless punches made his already unattractive face swell and contort into a bloody mess.

They other youths did not dare move and just remained rooted to their spots in shock staring wordlessly at Jun Wu Xie’s thrashing, with mouths wide open.

It was brutal! Too brutal!

Stop him! Or someone would end up dead!



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