GDBBM – Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: “Overpowered (3)”

“This, should be of interest to my Lord.” Ye Sha rubbed his chin, as he released a tiny black snake from among the trees.

Ye Sha’s daily task was to protect Jun Wu Xie in secret. But the Miss was vicious and there was nothing she could not handle on her own in the Qing Yun Clan. Ye Sha’s protection soon became superfluous and his daily task quickly became collecting intelligence on her likes and dislikes as well as her daily activities. He wrote the information on a small piece of paper, and sent it via a black snake to deliver it to Jun Wu Yao, in the Kingdom of Qi.

At the same moment Ye Sha released the black snake, his face suddenly stiffened!

Two highly formidable presences were approaching at an alarming speed!

Ye Sha perked up, and his body tensed. His eyes scanned the surroundings carefully.

Reveling in the comfort of Rolly’s furry tummy, Jun Wu Xie was completely relaxed when suddenly, a stranger’s voice spoke, interrupting her revelry.

“So, that’s where you are.”

The voice that had sounded suddenly made the trio turn towards it.

They saw two attractive looking men a distance away from them. The two men, were gauging the three of them carefully and the eyes on the two men were rather queer. They had seemed to be appraising goods rather than looking at three youths.

Their contempt was obvious, and they did not bother to hide it.

“It is you? Or you? Or rather….. the little one here.” The man was smiling as he queried, looking at Hua Yao, Qiao Chu and lastly his eyes fell on Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes went cold. Without knowing why, the two men who had suddenly appeared, gave her an extremely bad feeling.

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu were wary. Rolly came to stand beside Qiao Chu and the double headed bone snake put up a defensive stance.

“Huh? What am I seeing here? A member of the Bone Shifters Tribe in the Lower Realm. Kid, that double headed bone snake’s your ring spirit right?” The man narrowed his maliciously, looking at Hua Yao.

Hua Yao stiffened, and his eyes stared back dangerously.

“Yin Yang Bear….. Tsk tsk. How did these ring spirits appear in the Lower Realm, you’ve really opened my eyes today.” His eyes turned back onto Rolly as he spoke.

“Double headed bone snake, Yin Yang Bear. You’re both not the person we’re looking for…..” The man’s eyes turned slowly to Jun Wu Xie and his mouth curled at the corners.

“Hey kid, I am guessing you have a plant ring spirit on you.”

Jun Wu Xie heart jumped, she had not released Little Lotus, so how did they find out about the plant based ring spirit hidden within her body?

“Who are you guys?” Jun Wu Xie asked coldly. The feeling these two men gave her was completely different from all the others she had met. Just by standing before her, they gave out an enormous pressure, clutching at her heart, making it difficult for her to breathe.

It was a feeling that Jun Wu Xie was feeling for the first time after she was reborn.

“We are good people. Kid, just tell it to me like I’m your older brother. Is your ring spirit a plant based one?” His wide smile made his eyes narrow as he coaxed gently.

Jun Wu Xie frowned deeply and her face showed enmity.

“Sigh….. don’t get too excited now. We’re here just to ask you a few things.” The man saw that his act was not working on Jun Wu Xie and he sighed in helplessness dramatically.

The other man who had been standing silent on the side was staring dangerously at Jun Wu Xie instead.

“We don’t know each other, and we have nothing to talk about.” Jun Wu Xie took note of the actions taken by the two men.

“Since you are being so uncooperative here, we can only…..” The man who was smiling said and suddenly, his eyes flashed bitingly cold.


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