GDBBM – Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: “Overpowered (2)”

“Are you sure?” The man who was laughing asked in shock.

“There is a reaction from the spirit gem, that person must still be close! We should still be able to catch up!” The man said staring at the green glow the spirit gem was giving out, and his eyes narrowed.

“Haha! We have searched till the soles of our shoes were all worn out to no avail, and now a chance meeting has brought it right before us! We cannot let it escape!” The man’s laughter grew more intense.

The two figures suddenly blurred and disappeared from the summit of the Cloudy Peaks!

At the midpoint of the mountain, Jun Wu Xie looked at the massive beast ring spirits following behind them. The black and white fur of one of the beasts looked just like the National Treasure of one of the countries in her past life, but the size of the beast before her was so much bigger than what she remembered.

“Isn’t my dear Rolly just majestic and heroic looking!?” Qiao Chu saw that Jun Xie was staring at his ring spirit and he sang his praises proudly patting the massive tummy. That furry rounded tummy looked extremely inviting to touch.

The little black cat on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder raised a paw and covered its face.

Here it comes!

Its mistress was at it again!

Jun Wu Xie stared intently at the humongous “panda”, keeping herself silent for a long while before she asked: “Can I touch?”

“Of course!” Qiao Chu said jovially, feeling especially generous.

Jun Wu Xie walked up to Rolly and stared at the massive bear that was over two meters tall before her. Her chilly eyes were extremely focused at that moment.

Rolly tilted its head and looked in confusion at the tiny figure standing before it. Rolly was conscious of its Master’s mind and knew that the figure before it was a friend and not a foe, and it was not to attack.

They stood staring at each other a long moment and Qiao Chu had thought that Jun Xie was not going to touch Rolly anymore. At that moment, Jun Wu Xie squealed delightedly and plopped herself onto Rolly’s bulging tummy, her hands fully extended, trying her hardest to envelope the massive bear into her tiny arms.

Buried into the soft fur, and immersing herself into the velvety smoothness, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were closed in revel, enjoying every moment.

The little black cat on Jun Wu Xie’s back almost wanted to cry.

Its mistress’ illness had struck once again!

Jun Wu Xie did not hold much fondness for many things, but she was completely defenceless against furry creatures. When she had first applied to be a vet, it was firstly for the sake of revenge, and the second reason was just because she loved these furry creatures.

Heaven knows, the expressionless and cold face on Jun Wu Xie, when faced with little cats and dogs, changed drastically and the eyes stayed fixated and sparkled so brightly that it always made the little black cat want to cry.

It seemed that even after being reborn, her illness had not gone away!

The double headed snake did not draw any attention from her, but the huge cuddly panda and its charming innocence was irresistible to Jun Wu Xie, brought about by her weakness towards adorable and furry creatures.

Qiao Chu’s jaw dropped as he stared at Jun Xie who had always been cold and distant, burrow himself into his ring spirit’s tummy and the always chatty Qiao Chu suddenly could not find any words to say.


Change was just too astounding!

Jun Wu Xie’s unwavering calm and overwhelming intelligence always made people forget her young age. But her actions with Rolly brought out the little girl hidden within completely.

“My Rolly….. must be….. exceptionally adorable…..” Qiao Chu struggled a long time to squeeze those words out of his throat. He had thought that Jun Xie had been impressed with Rolly’s majestic stature and dominating power. But it seemed that he had completely misunderstood.

Hua Yao’s corners of his mouth twitched, but he did not say a word.

And high up in the trees at their side, the hidden Ye Sha looked at Jun Wu Xie’s sudden and drastic change in manner, made him almost fell off in shock.

He would never have imagined, that the cold and highly intelligent Miss, had such a weakness for furry ring spirits!


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