GDBBM – Chapter 341

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Chapter 341: “Overpowered (4)”

Before his last word reached the ears of the three youths, he suddenly disappeared from his spot.

Jun Wu Xie was surprised as a cold chill rushed into her chest. The next moment, a black shadow dragged her backwards.

Everything simply happened too fast. Hua Yao and Qiao Chu who were just beside her did not know what was happening and by the time they realised it, they saw the man who had disappeared was suddenly standing at the spot Jun Xie previously was with a torn piece of cloth gripped within his hand.

On the other side, a coldly handsome man dressed in black had appeared out of nowhere and he stared gravely. Jun Wu Xie was standing quietly behind the man and a part of her coat was torn, fluttering in the wind.

“Hmm, not bad at all.” The smiling man assessed the man dressed in black who had suddenly appeared. His smile intensified and his eyes flared with a killer’s instinct.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the back of the man dressed in black, her eyes thoughtful. Everything had happened in the briefest of moments and she had not felt any presence approaching her but the two men had suddenly appeared!

She saw that the front of her coat had been torn by the man who was smiling. If not for the man in black’s sudden interference, the only thing torn out might not have been just her coat, but her heart!

Sweat ran down Jun Wu Xie’s back. Since her rebirth, she felt for the first time, that the claws of death had come so close to her!

That man with the perpetual smile on his face had instantly gone for the kill with his first strike!

“I would implore for Miss to leave this place immediately.” Ye Sha faced his back to Jun Wu Xie, his stern face was gravely serious and his eyes were fixated guardedly on the white robed man with the smile on his face.

If he had not dragged Miss back at that moment, they might have lost her by now.

“Who are you?” As Ye Sha had his back to Jun Wu Xie, she could not see Ye Sha’s face. She could feel that the man dressed in black harboured no ill intentions towards her, and was even protecting her from harm.

Ye Sha did not turn back but replied calmly: “I am acting under the orders of Master Wu Yao to guard Miss from harm. My lowly name will only dirty Miss’ ears. I would humbly request that Miss leave immediately. These two men are more than Miss can handle.”

Jun Wu Xie froze a moment. She had not heard Jun Wu Yao’s name for a while and hearing it suddenly made her heart wince.

My elder brother actually sent someone to protect her.

Ye Sha hesitated a moment before he said to Hua Yao and Qiao Chu: “I would need to trouble the two of you to escort Miss away from here. Leave the two men to me.”

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu did not realise anything amiss to Jun Xie having been addressed as a Miss, but Ye Sha’s words made them feel a bad premonition of things rise within their chests.

“Sure.” The two of them agreed readily.

Ye Sha nodded gravely.

The white robed man looked at Ye Sha disapprovingly.

“You cannot possibly be thinking that you can stop the two of us all by yourself right?” The strongest they have in the Lower Realm can only be a purple level spirit anyway.

“You will soon find out.” Ye Sha threw out a chilling laugh and suddenly shouted: “GO!”

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu reacted immediately and they lifted Jun Wu Xie and ran down the mountain. No matter who the other two men were, they were not people they could take on. The man in black protecting Jun Xie was clearly much stronger than the two of them were. In a battle among exponents of such overpowering might, the two of them would only become a hindrance if they stayed behind.

“Running away!? Not that easy!” The white robed man narrowed his eyes dangerously and was about to give chase when Ye Sha stood in his way!



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