GDBBM – Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: “Sixth Slap (2)

“Who are you!” Qin Yue’s anger turned to fear, Ke Cang Ju had been unknowingly disposed of and was currently impersonated by someone else! When did all this start? Since when had the Ke Cang Ju he had been seeing all this while been swapped with this youth before him!

Morever, he had not noticed anything different before this!

Not knowing what was happening made him start to lose his grip on the situation and his fear rose further.

“We are here to claim your life!” Jun Wu Xie stared at Qin Yue, observing his expression of fear on his face.

The top clan across the lands, the Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan, with his face contorted in fear, was a sight that was very rarely seen.

And she firmly believed, that that expression of fear would remain plastered on his face till his moment of death!

“What audacity! All this time, it was you impersonating Ke Cang Ju!? You were the one wholly responsible for killing the disciples from the other peaks!” Qin Yue spoke through gritted teeth, and in his fear, a glimmer of hope started to shine within his heart!

If Ke Cang Ju had actually been this youth all this while, he would be able to push all the blame to that youth and divert the Elders’ hatred and anger to him!

“I suggested it.” Jun Wu Xie said to Qin Yue, a smile on her face.

“How wicked and vicious of you! You dare incite hatred between the Sovereign and his Elders!? My Elders, you heard him, all this turmoil was stirred up by these culprits! They plotted to divide the powers that be in the Qing Yun Clan and carry out their insidious secret plot!” Qin Yue grasped desperately at this last glimmer of hope and tried to heap all the blame for the accusations onto the youth!

As expected, with Hua Yao’s identity glaringly exposed, the Elders started to recover from their stupor. It had happened too suddenly and the events that had unfolded were both shocking and unbelievable. The hatred towards Qin Yue was gradually diverted to the unknown enemy.

The Elders were conscious of the fact that at times like this, it called for them to unite against an external threat!

“I had thought that our Elder Ke would never commit such vicious atrocities! So you are the culprits! Speak the truth now, what have you done with Elder Ke!?” Qin Yue saw that the Elders’ anger had subsided somewhat and he aggressively pushed to divert their anger fully.

No matter who these youths were, they would not leave the Blue Cloud Peak alive!

Qin Yue laughed in his heart, thinking that the three youths were still inexperienced. If they had not exposed themselves, and used Ke Cang Ju’s identity to incite the Elders’ anger, he would have suffered greatly under the Elders’ combined rage.

But just as things were getting too hot to handle, those idiots had revealed themselves and shocked the Elders, and their rage had subsided completely!

Qin Yue almost laughed out loud. Even Heaven was on his side!

Jun Wu Xie saw Qin Yue’s suppressed glee and her smile grew wider. “Ke Cang Ju? You’ll get to meet him soon – In the depths of hell.”

Qin Yue froze.  “You killed him?” His eyes were wide in consternation.

Qin Yue knew Ke Cang Ju’s abilities very well, and even a highly skilled blue spirit expert might not be his match. He might not have possessed spiritual powers, but his proficiency with poison was nothing to sneeze at!

Three mere young youths would not be able to kill an such a highly proficient poison user that easily.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie answered honestly.

Qin Yue narrowed his eyes in anger and said: “You dare murder an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan and kill our disciples! You even have the audacity to incite hatred between the Elders and me, trying to cleave a wedge in our ranks! None of you can hope to leave here alive today!”

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