GDBBM – Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: “Sixth Slap (3)

Jun Wu Xie said with smile: “Don’t worry, not everyone in the Qing Yun Clan will die, and we have no intentions of leaving yet.”

Qin Yue stared at Jun Wu Xie, unable to believe that a young ordinary looking petite youth dared speak so arrogantly to him!

He had said that not all the people in the Qing Yun Clan will perish, and they were not above to flee!

Was the petite youth telling him that he intended to annihilate the Qing Yun Clan!?

“You are getting too far ahead of yourself! Obliterate the Qing Yun Clan? You think yourself capable of such a feat!?” Qin Yue laughed coldly.

All the Elders had stood up at Jun Wu Xie’s provocative words. No matter how chaotic things were among the leaders within the Qing Yun Clan, when faced with an external enemy, they knew to group together to take the opponent down.

“You brat. You’ll see that you would have to eat those words of yours. Just the three of you and you want to annihilate the whole of Qing Yun Clan? What a joke!” Cai Zhuo sneered as he looked at the young trio before them. After the initial shock revelations, he had had enough time to calm himself.

In the eyes of the Elders, they acknowledged that they had some good abilities if they were able to kill Ke Cang Ju. But they had dared to toy with the leadership of the mighty Qing Yun Clan and the proud and egotistical Elders did not take well to the idea that they had been played as pawns in the youths’ plot.

“Whether the joke’s on you or on me remains to be seen.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

“Oh! That I would like to find out. Show me what you’ve got to back up those arrogant words of yours!” Qin Yue’s worries dissipated at that moment and his rage took over. If not for these three youths, he would not have needed to suffer the torment of doubt and distrust, nearly driving his position of leadership into a precarious situation, and chaos would not have swept through the Qing Yun Clan, and the Elders would not have turned against him collectively!

Qin Yue gave a mighty shout and many disciples who were standing guard outside rushed into the hall. More than a hundred disciples surrounded Jun Wu Xie, Qiao Chu and Hua Yao, cutting off any routes of escape.

“No matter how skilled you think yourself to be, do not even think of escaping from here alive!” Qin Yue eyes flashed cruelly.

Jun Wu Xie eyed the Blue Cloud Peak disciples around them, and the ends of her mouth curled deeper.

“Escape? There’s no need for that.”

“All disciples hear my order! Arrest the three of them at once!” Qin Yue hollered.

At that moment, all the Blue Cloud Peak disciples jumped at the surrounded trio!

At the same time that the disciples pounced, two streaks blurred and exploded within the crowd!

A humongous two headed bone snake slithered lightning fast right in the middle of all the action. The two headed bone snake had no flesh on his body but only bones that shone glaringly white. A pair of blood red eyes on each of its head stared venomously at the disciples, and each of its head was as big as a full grown adult male! The two headed bone snake swung its tail at the crowd of disciples and its serrated bones cut all in the tail’s path, as sharp as finely honed blades! Blood flowed and flesh tore!

On the other side, an immense lumbering bear gave out a ear splitting roar. Its starkly separated black and white fur posed a striking figure. At over two meters tall, a single swipe of its paw made mincemeat out of a huge chunk of the disciples!

The sudden appearance of two massive beast ring spirits made the disciples of the Blue Cloud Peak who surrounded the trio howl in terror and many were too flustered and they clumsily tried to summon their own ring spirits. A pity those ring spirits were pathetic in terms of size or attack power, and they did not even pose a threat to the two huge beasts before them!

Qin Yue stared wide eyed, unable to look away from the two rampaging beast ring spirits sweeping across the main hall. He had seen much of the world at large, but he had never seen anything close to those two ring spirits! Those two ring spirits would overpower even the ring spirits of the various resident expert exponents’ ring spirits!

“Hurry! Bring the invited resident experts here!” Qin Yue was sweating profusely. Who would have expected that three young unknown youths, would possess such formidable and powerful ring spirits!? If they were allowed to go on, there wouldn’t be enough disciples in the Qing Yun Clan for them to kill!



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