GDBBM – Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: “Sixth Slap (1)”

Mu Chen, who had stayed silent all this while exchanged a glance with Jun Wu Xie without anyone noticing. Mu Chen stood up and said: “My Sovereign, may I ask if we, the Elders of the various peaks acted inappropriately to make you raise your guard against us. If your intention is to diminish the powers and authority of the Elders, you would only need to issue a command and there was no need for such underhanded methods. You are the Sovereign and your word is law. Your word alone is enough to make the Elders disappear.”

Mu Chen’s words struck a chord deep within the hearts of the Elders. His words reminded the Elders and reprimanded Qin Yue of his duplicity in this incident that brought about the deaths of their disciples.

Qin Yue’s head turned to face another adversary, all bent on bringing about his downfall.

The other Elders were poked into action and they opened their mouths in chorus, throwing words of admonishment and reprimand at Qin Yue.

Who was Qin Yue? How the leadership of the Qing Yun Clan fell into his hands was not clear, but the various Elders had a very good guess at what had actually happened.

A man who lusted for power so badly, that he murdered his own Teacher. Such a man was definitely capable of making moves against his own Elders, to diminish their authority.

In moments, the main hall of the Qing Yun Clan exploded in anger as all the other Elders pointed their fingers at Qin Yue!

Qin Yue suddenly became their common enemy.

Jun Wu Xie eyed the spectacle before her and her eyes chilled.

Under the beration from all the Elders, Qin Yue burst out, and shouted at the silently observing “Ke Cang Ju”: “Ke Cang Ju! As an Elder of the Hidden Cloud Peak, you instigated the other Elders against me! What is your real underlying motive!?”

Qin Yue was going mad, he knew “Ke Cang Ju” was not dumb enough to watch him go down in flames. He should know what he should do! Ke Cang Ju should know that if Qin Yue were not able to protect his position as the Sovereign through this, neither Ke Cang Ju would be let off easy by the other Elders.

The other Elders would come down just as hard on him!

“Ke Cang Ju” stood up slowly, and looked calmly at the fuming Qin Yue before he said: “I have no hidden motives, but was just stating facts.”

Qin Yue clenched his jaw and said: “What facts!? Why are you going against me!? Why!!?”

“Ke Cang Ju” smiled but did not reply, and Jun Wu Xie stood up at that moment, her chilling eyes fixed on Qin Yue, and she calmly retorted.

“Because, he is not the Elder of the Hidden Cloud Peak.”

“What!?” Qin Yue froze as he stared incredulously at the petite figure before him.

“Hua Yao, let the Sovereign see you as who you really are.” Jun Wu Xie smiled, the symphony of calamity was about to start, playing throughout the peaks of the Qing Yun Clan!

As Jun Wu Xie’s words were heard by the ears of the people present, their eyes witnessed an incredible sight!

They saw the badly bowed back of the hunched up “Ke Cang Ju” start to straighten, the short stature started to grow, the hideous countenance shifted and the features on his face started to change to become chiseled and sharp, turning beautiful as the moments went by.

Hua Yao shrugged off the dark cloak on him, and his tall frame was clothed in light purple clothes.

Moments later, the hideous middle aged hunchback had transformed before the eyes of the people in the hall into a eye popping beautiful youth!

A heavy silence suddenly hung within the spacious main hall, and all eyes were fixed on the unfamiliar beautiful youth suddenly standing right before them!

The transformation that had happened before their eyes was incredulous and totally unheard of!

“You….. you are not Ke Cang Ju!” His face was deathly pale, as Qin Yue pointed a shaking finger at Hua Yao.

“He never was.” Jun Wu Xie laughed lightly. The laugh lit up Jun Wu Xie’s delicate featured face in a way that somehow made her dazzle at that moment.


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