GDBBM – Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: “Reeling In The Net (2)”

Within the Hidden Cloud Peak, Qiao Chu sat comfortably on the chair, his legs propped up nonchalantly. He looked at Jun Xie, who was stroking the little black cat’s fur, his eyes sparkling in amusement. “Little Xie, that was just too wicked. You would actually return those bodies back to their peaks. Once their Elders see them, they will surely be hopping mad!”

Their disciples were forcibly taken from them, and in a just a few days, those disciples taken from them turned up dead and were thrown at the foot of their respective peaks. What made matters really intolerable was, the bodies each carried a letter from “Ke Cang Ju”.

In the letter, only a few simple words were written. ‘Your disciples have been rightfully returned. I’ll be back for more!’

Those few words were downright arrogant and its message utterly despicable. The other Elders could not possibly remain calm after that, as even Qiao Chu had almost wanted to bash Jun Xie up when he read the letter’s contents!

That was just too much for anyone to take! The bodies of their disciples were already ravaged to such a pathetic state and Jun Xie had the cheek to claim they were “rightfully returned”, and he’ll be back!!? ….. Those words might just kill the Elders where they stood when they read the letter!

“Those people deserve everything we did to them.” Jun Wu Xie said softly. Besides the Cloud Treading Peak, the whole of the Inner House of the Qing Yun Clan’s disciples had been led to commit many atrocities under the rotted leadership from the top. The vanished villages, the missing villagers, were due to the actions of all those disciples. It was sickening to know from the boasts and revelations from the disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak that all the females in the villages had suffered unspeakable horrors under the hands of the disciples as well while they carried out their mission, such was the cruelty of the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan.

Not many things could stir up joy or hatred in Jun Wu Xie in her past life, but one thing that she absolutely abhorred and despised, was the humiliation of the womenfolk.

Even when she was with the organisation, if any of their members were known to have committed such travesty, she would refuse to treat and save them even if the orders had come from the very top. She would just watch coldly as those people suffer in agony as they fell victim to the inescapable death that would come without her treatment.

The knowledge of it, only steeled Jun Wu Xie’s resolve further.

If the Heavens could not deliver the punishment due, she would gladly lend a hand!

“Heh heh, I am guessing, the time is nearing, that those Elders will go charging to the Sovereign and kick up a big fuss. And at that time, it will be time for us to reel in our nets.” Qiao Chu said, rubbing his hands in glee. It was both thrilling and exciting to be carrying out Jun Xie’s ploys. It was hard to imagine that the petite youth before them, who rarely spoke much, would be so meticulous and efficient when carrying out missions like this.

He would really love to open up Jun Xie’s head, and see what’s really inside.

“Have the items been placed and set up?” Hua Yao asked from one side. He wasn’t as unconcerned as Qiao Chu was. He knew the severity of the situation. If they failed to wipe out the enemy in one go, they would in turn be the ones who would die here.

“I had it all set up much earlier. Any task that Little Xie hands down to me, would be carried out to the letter.” Qiao Chu guffawed, thumping his chest confidently.

“Within three days, the Elders will make their move. Get Mu Chen prepared. I do not want any untoward incidents.” Jun Wu Xie said as she raised her head. After almost a month’s preparation, it was time to pull in the net.

She would make the Qing Yun Clan, pay for all their sins.

After being away for so long, she felt a tinge of homesickness.

Grandfather, Uncle….. Jun Wu Yao…..

It was time to go home.

When the things here are all settled, she would make a trip back to the Lin Palace, before she would leave again to cultivate the elixir that Qiao Chu and Hua Yao wanted.

“Alright. I’ll go to the Cloud Treading Peak tonight. I do not dare to step in there in the day as the disciples of the Cloud Treading Peak are currently dead against having any Hidden Cloud Peak disciples step into their territory.” Qiao Chu explained, scratching his head. Jun Xie’s and Mu Chen’s alliance was known only to the four of them. The disciples of the Cloud Treading Peak still thought that their Elder had suffered injustice in the Hidden Cloud Peak, and when they saw any Hidden Cloud Peak disciples, their faces turn to rage and they pounced on the HIdden Cloud Peak disciples without hesitation!


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    First Chinese novel where dignity of a women is taken into consideration. Be it anyone, even villains sometimes. Few of the Chinese novels I read were down-right distasteful with the treatment if woman in them.

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      Yeah novel that comes to my mind is Divine Doctor I had to stop reading because main character crossed a line for me.

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