GDBBM – Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: “Reeling In The Net (1)”

Soon, a piece of news spreaded within the Qing Yun Clan. Ke Cang Ju had gone to the Cloud Treading Peak and forcibly snatched a disciple. The Elder of the Cloud Treading Peak, Mu Chen, had then stormed into the Hidden Cloud Peak alone to save his disciple. Mu Chen had suddenly fell ill after he returned and his high fever had not subsided. Even Qin Yue had provided treatment but Mu Chen was still bedridden after three days, and was still in bad shape.

Falling into such a state after returning from the Hidden Cloud Peak. It was deemed to be obvious by the other Elders that Ke Cang Ju’s proficient use of poison must have been the cause. Mu Chen and Ke Cang Ju had been bitter enemies for a long time and for Ke Cang Ju to allow Mu Chen to retrieve his disciple back to the Cloud Treading Peak, Mu Chen must have suffered under Ke Cang Ju’s deliberate spitefulness and had poisoned Mu Chen, bringing about the sudden illness!

The other Elders had still been puzzled by how Mu Chen had managed to bring his disciple back before and the reason could not be any clearer now!

And the news brought the other Elders’ fear and hatred for Ke Cang Ju to new heights!

No matter how much hatred Ke Cang Ju held for Mu Chen, Mu Chen was still an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan after all, a respectable position they both held. But Ke Cang Ju had just gone ahead and poisoned Mu Chen without hesitation, showing scant regard for the revered status of being an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan!

Even the Elders that had held no enmity towards Ke Cang Ju soon started to feel threatened by his tyranny.

Mu Chen had been poisoned by Ke Cang Ju openly, and the other Elders started to feel threatened of their own safety. Ke Cang Ju had already dared to take their disciples from them, what more atrocities would he do?

The Elders thought back on the chaos and fear that had spread before, the depressed and disappointed eyes their own disciples had shown them and their hatred for Ke Cang Ju started to brew and bubble.

An Elder had gone to the Cloud Treading Peak, bearing tonics as a gift, his face sorrowful in concern, on the pretense of paying a visit on the ill Mu Chen, but was actually there to find out what kind of torment Ke Cang Ju had put Mu Chen under.

Mu Chen had put on a pitiful face of helplessness and said weakly: “Ke Cang Ju holds the Sovereign’s trust strongly, while I am only an Elder in name with no authority. When he decides he wants to snatch my disciple from me, or anything else that he wants to do against me, there is nothing I can do but to tolerate and suffer under his oppression. The Sovereign himself stands behind Ke Cang Ju, what else can I do? Await death to claim me I suppose.”

Mu Chen’s defeated words made the other Elder’s heart wince, and told of the hopelessness of the situation.

At the same time, that brought up another question. The Elder suffering under the oppression this time was Mu Chen. But if Ke Cang Ju were to turn his eyes in their direction, they would obviously share the same fate.

By that time, must they be forced to swallow the oppression and be as helpless, falling prey to Ke Cang Ju’s tyranny without a word of protest?


That cannot happen!

Alarm spread among the other Elders and the bells rang loudly. The Elders who had managed to calm the disciples regarding the previous incident started to feel the dangers looming.

Mu Chen’s sorry plight relit the flame that threw chaos once again into the recently appeased few days of calm. The situation this time was more intense and spread greater fear into the people.

Qin Yue started to feel the heat and grew jittery. He sent people to the Hidden Cloud Peak to bring a message to “Ke Cang Ju”, telling him to stop and desist with the atrocities, and not to stir up any more turmoil.

The person who impersonated Ke Cang Ju disregarded the warning, tossing it into the wind.

Within two days from then, high upon the gates leading into the various peaks, a pair of rotted corpses were hung. Those bodies, were the bodies of the very same disciples taken away from the respective peaks by “Ke Cang Ju” and brought back to the Hidden Cloud Peak.

In hours, the bubbling pot of chaos within the Qing Yun Clan blew up!

When the Elders saw the ravaged and gory bodies, their faces turned white!

“Ke Cang Ju, you bastard! I….. will not take this lying down!” The curses chorused throughout the various peaks at the same time!



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