GDBBM – Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: “Reeling In The Net (3)”

What frustrated Qiao Chu further was that if the disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak had attacked him, he could not retaliate! As Mu Chen’s protective nature over his disciples would bring Mu Chen come asking for his head!

All the pieces were already set in place. They only had to wait for the storm to hit.

The moment finally arrived. Two days later, the edgy Elders could not contain themselves any further and had grouped and gathered themselves together to go up the Blue Cloud Peak, to fight for the injustice done upon their disciples.

They had been slapped across their faces and if they continued to swallow their pride and did not react, they would lose their positions as Elders in the eyes of their disciples of the various peaks.

All the other Elders moved together, and even the not fully recovered Mu Chen was dragged along. The lone exclusion was their target “Ke Cang Ju”.

Qin Yue was sitting in the main hall of the Blue Cloud Peak, and a splitting headache wrecked at him.

He had eleven Elders under him, and except for the recently deceased Jiang Chen Qing and the culprit, Ke Cang Ju, who was wholly responsible for giving him this headache, all of them were presently here right before him!

The nine Elders sat on two sides of the hall, all their faces dark and gloomy.

Cai Zhuo, who was the oldest among them, and who commanded the highest respect, was the first to speak, his face face and he stood up unsteadily.

“My Sovereign, what is Ke Cang Ju up to? He claimed to be acting under your orders to loan a few disciples from the respective peaks to bring back to the Hidden Cloud Peak. We reluctantly agreed as it was after all your idea. But, what did he do after that!? The disciples that he had brought back with him have now turned up dead! Their badly ravaged bodies were even disposed of right before the gates of the various peaks!”

Cai Zhuo sighed heavily and his voice sounded all choked up as he said: “Those disciples were lovingly and painstakingly nurtured by our own hands! But they had been turned into specimens of  inhumane torture so cruelly by Ke Cang Ju! Those bodies which had belonged to our beloved and dearly missed disciples were then carelessly thrown before our gates and they were so badly ravaged that not a single one of them was whole! Those were disciples carefully picked and rightfully admitted into the Qing Yun Clan! How could they be allowed to fall prey to cold blooded murder like this, and at the hands of an Elder of our very own Qing Yun Clan yet! Would this incident not chill the loyal hearts of our innocent disciples? What drove the final nail into the already bleeding hearts of our disciples? The audacity that Ke Cang Ju actually left a letter on those poor cold lifeless bodies disposed stating that our disciples had been rightfully returned, and he’ll be back again! Sovereign! How could such treachery and atrocities be allowed to happen within our sanctimonious Cloudy Peaks under your glorious leadership!?”

Qin Yue held his head in his hands, his temples were being hammered. Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine that Ke Cang Ju would carry things this far.

It was no wonder the other Elders could gather themselves and stood together on this. The actions of Ke Cang Ju’s were intolerable even in Qin Yue’s mind.

Qin Yue knew Ke Cang Ju would kill those disciples. But killing them off and disposing the bodies right before the other Elders was too much and a big slap across their faces!

When Ke Cang Ju had merely taken the disciples, he was able to persuade and gradually appease the Elders that those disciples were in the Hidden Cloud Peak just to provide some assistance and would not be in any danger. Even if they were to die in the end, as long as the bodies cannot be found, they would not have any proof of the murder.

But Ke Cang Ju had done it this time!

He must have felt that life in the Qing Yun Clan was too peaceful!

He actually dared go up to each Elder and slap them across their faces!

This time, even Qin Yue did not know how to shield Ke Cang Ju. The situation before him was getting beyond his control as all the Elders were obviously burning up in rage. Their egos and standings in the Qing Yun Clan have been pricked and challenged and they would not back down so easily this time!

“In regards to this matter, I will ensure you men will get a satisfactory answer. Go! Fetch me Elder Ke!” Qin Yue realised that if he continued to shield Ke Cang Ju further on this matter, the other Elders would begin to hold thoughts of rebellion in their hearts. He would just summon Ke Cang Ju here, and let him answer for his own actions, himself!

After a while, the disciples who were sent to the Hidden Cloud Peak brought Ke Cang Ju.

And following behind Ke Cang Ju himself, were two young disciples. The three figures stood defiantly just outside the Qing Yun Clan’s main hall!    


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