GDBBM – Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: “Sheep turned Predator (2)”

Qiao Chu was having a such a hard time keeping himself from laughing out loud that he even had a ridiculous notion that he was about to die from holding it in.

Mu Chen actually still think that Jun Xie was just a blind sheep led astray by the insidious “Ke Cang Ju”!? My God! Wake up and open your eyes! That sheep swallows its enemies whole!

Jun Wu Xie ignored Mu Chen well intentioned persuasion and shot Qiao Chu a frosty glance, who was still suffering from trying to hold his mirth in, and Qiao Chu immediately whipped out his dagger and pressed it against the neck of the unconscious disciple on the floor.

“Now, close the door.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she shot the command at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen sighed sadly, looking in disbelief at Jun Wu Xie and closed the door after a while.

“Sit.” Jun Wu Xie then said curtly.

Mu Chen’s face darkened and his gaze shifted to the silent Hua Yao, as in his eyes, Jun Wu Xie’s actions were all due to “Ke Cang Ju’s” instructions.

“Ke Cang Ju, release my disciple now. Direct all your wrath on me instead.”

“……….” Hua Yao shrugged, proclaiming innocence, as he had not spoken a word.

“Mu Chen, you hate Qin Yue?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold, and he bit his lip, remaining silent.

“If you are presented with an opportunity to exact revenge for your mercilessly murdered father, what would you do?” Jun Wu Xie continued.

Mu Chen’s eyes showed confusion. He had no idea where Jun Xie’s words were leading to. Was it a plot by Ke Cang Ju? What was Ke Cang Ju really after?

“Ke Cang Ju! Spit it out if you have something to say! Do not play games with me!” Mu Chen said furiously.

“……….” Hua Yao turned his head away from Mu Chen, refusing to give Mu Chen any acknowledgement.

Why was it that when Jun Xie was the one speaking but the blame had instead fallen on him!?

“Ke Cang Ju!” Mu Chen stood up in fury. “I know that Qin Yue had always wanted to get rid of me. You had helped him with the murder of my father then. If you intend to take me out here today for Qin Yue, come at me! I will not run, but this has nothing to do with my disciple! Release him!”

Hua Yao took a deep breath and looked at the fuming Mu Chen, and without even bothering to change his voice, he said: “Stupid, do you still not understand?”

“??? What?” Mu Chen was stunned. Ke Cang Ju’s voice had sounded totally different from his usual one, it had been crisp and clear, and sounded nothing like the voice of a middle aged man, but like that of a exuberant youth, full of vigor.

“It wasn’t my idea to make you come here today, and it wasn’t Qin Yue, but the boy standing before you!” Hua Yao raised his hand and pointed, right at the nose of Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie stood unmoving in the path of the pointing finger and nodded nonchalantly.

Mu Chen grew more shocked, as he looked at Jun Xie in confusion, unable to link the events unfolding before him to the young boy that had just been admitted into the Qing Yun Clan for barely a month.

This young boy was the one responsible for the abduction of his disciple?

The boy was the one who was forced to come to the Hidden Cloud Peak?

But why?

Mu Chen could not figure it out at all. Why had Jun Xie had done all this? He had only met the boy once before this. Why was Jun Xie making such a big show out of it all?

What further confused him was ….. When did “Ke Cang Ju” turn so mild tempered, that he would allow a disciple to create such a ruckus before himself?

“What is going on?” Mu Chen did not understand what was going on.

“I want the Qing Yun Clan to disappear from the face of these lands.” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

Mu Chen’s eyes bulged, speechless in his disbelief, and wondering if he had just heard the words correctly.

The petite youth wanted the Qing Yun Clan obliterated!!?


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