GDBBM – Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: “Sheep turned Predator (3)”

Mu Chen turned subconsciously to look at “Ke Cang Ju”. “Ke Cang Ju” was Qin Yue’s trusted right hand man, and if those words reached Qin Yue’s ears, that youth would not be spared.

Surprisingly, “Ke Cang Ju” did not react, looking like those words did not concern him at all.

“Don’t you want to?  Exact revenge for your father? Annihilate the mighty Qing Yun Clan that had become rotted to the core?” Jun Wu Xie asked of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen turned his head to look at Jun Wu Xie, as a thought suddenly came into his head. “You are a member of the Jun Family from the Kingdom of Qi?”


Mu Chen finally understood why Jun Wu Xie held so much hatred for the Qing Yun Clan. News of Qin Yu Yan’s and Jiang Chen Qing’s demise had spread throughout the Qing Yun Clan, and though Qin Yue had not embarked on his revenge on the Kingdom of Qi, Qin Yue was determined that the Qi Kingdom must be obliterated.

Jun Xie’s move against the Qing Yun Clan must have been brought on by the need to protect the Jun Family.

“Aren’t you being a little too bold? If Qin Yue find out about your background, you will never be able to leave these peaks.” Mu Chen said worriedly. He felt no enmity against Jun Xie but instead, just  as Jun Xie said, his hatred for Qin Yue was no less than that held by Jun  Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders and replied: “I’ve come all the way to the Qing Yun Clan and have gotten myself mired too deep into it to concern myself with that. If the Qing Yun Clan survives, it would only mean certain death for me. But I strongly believe, that I’ll walk out of the Cloudy Peaks alive.

Her grandfather and uncle were still waiting for her in the Lin Palace, so she must not fail, and neither could she afford to fail!

“Ke Cang Ju and Qin Yue are on extremely good terms. Are you not afraid he will go against you?” Mu Chen insinuated strongly as he turned to observe the silent “Ke Cang Ju”. “Ke Cang Ju” was giving out very different vibes at the moment, but Ke Cang Ju and Qin Yue were essentially cut from the same cloth.

He could not believe that Jun Xie could be so unconcerned with exposing all his plans right in front of “Ke Cang Ju” and that “Ke Cang Ju” had shown no reaction at all.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes chilled and she said softly: “People who are dead are unable to do anything against me.”

Mu Chen stared blankly at Jun Xie, not understanding what he meant.

“I’m sorry, but I am not the Ke Cang Ju that you are referring to.” Hua Yao interjected suddenly and he rolled up his sleeves. Without the cover of the sleeves, Hua Yao’s unaltered skin on both his arms were glaringly exposed before Mu Chen’s eyes. The smooth and fair skin on the arms contrasted greatly with the rough and wrinkled skin on his hands. The stark difference alone told Mu Chen everything.

“You are not Ke Cang Ju?” Mu Chen’s voice was incredulous. He had not seen Ke Cang Ju much, but he remembered that hideous face so clearly. The man who stood before him, regardless whether in terms of countenance or body shape, looked exactly as the real Ke Cang Ju had. Mu Chen believed not even Qin Yue would be able to tell the difference.

“No.” Hua Yao nodded.

“How is that possible? No technique exists in the world that could replicate a person’s looks so completely!” Mu Chen could not make himself believe what he was seeing. But the fact remained that the man who was standing before him was an exact replica of Ke Cang Ju, and no matter how meticulous one was with his imitation, such a complete replication was unheard of!

“What if this happens?” Jun Wu Xie threw Hua Yao a glance and Hua Yao raised his hand right before Mu Chen’s eyes. He showed his finger joints clearly to Mu Chen before he made his fingers grow by another half in length. Mu Chen’s eyes widened, and he was left speechless after Hua Yao shrank his fingers back to normal.

Mu Chen could not speak for a long while as he had never met anyone who could change the structure of his bones at will.

“If you are not him, then where is the real Ke Cang Ju?” Mu Chen asked.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes, and said in an expressionless tone: “Dead.”


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