GDBBM – Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: “Sheep turned Predator (1)”

In the Hidden Cloud Peak, Qiao Chu looked at the Cloud Treading Peak disciple lying on the floor that he had knocked out unwillingly.

“I think, when Mu Chen see this, Mu Chen’s first reaction will definitely be to charge at us, with flaming swords in hand, and not to….. sit down and talk things through.” Qiao Chu had thought that Jun Xie had come up with another ingenious idea, but it had turned out to be just a simple and brutal abduction!

Just grab any Cloud Treading Peak disciple and knock him out before bringing him back. What kind of a plan was that!?

They wanted to work with Mu Chen, and not to make him hate them more right?

“Relax, with his disciple in our hands, he would not do anything rash.” Jun Wu Xie sat on one side, sipping at her tea calmly.

Qiao Chu just felt like crying at that moment. He had become a kidnapper! Little Xie had shown himself to possess a quick and meticulous mind, was he turning into a serial offender…..

“He might not be rash and take any drastic actions, but would he even cooperate with us after this?” Without even exchanging a single word about working together, they had surreptitiously abducted Mu Chen’s disciple. Although the reason for that was just to make Mu Chen come to them, but the method employed might be a little too brutal.

“He will, as long as we share the same objective.” Jun Wu Xie was perfectly confident of it.

After just a while, shouts sounded from the courtyard outside and the locked door was heavily kicked wide open. A furious Mu Chen stood staring at “Ke Cang Ju” within the room, his eyes calling for murder. His gaze quickly swung to the unconscious disciple lying on the ground at the side and quickly scanned his body for any wounds, heaving an obvious sigh of relief when he did not see any.

“Ke Cang Ju! What are you up to!? Release my disciple at once!” Mu Chen shouted, his ring spirit summoned, into a sharp sword gripped in his hand.

But Mu Chen had not expected that “Ke Cang Ju” would just remain silent, and the reply actually came from the youth he had first chosen to be accepted into the Cloud Treading Peak instead.

“Elder Mu, we have your disciple in our hands. If you do not want anything to happen to him, you had better do as we say.” Jun Wu Xie raised to eyes to throw her icy gaze threateningly on Mu Chen.

Qiao Chu almost choked in surprise. Even Jun Xie’s words had sounded exactly like a bandit’s!

Mu Chen stared in rage and frustration at Jun Wu Xie. His rage was towards his helplessness against the situation, and his frustration was directed more at the drastic change he saw in Jun Xie.

When he had first seen the petite youth, Mu Chen had been awed by Jun Xie’s precise diagnosis and proposed treatment. He had greatly anticipated that the youth could join the Cloud Treading Peak as a disciple, but alas, fate had been cruel and Jun Xie had been forcibly taken by Ke Cang Ju.

In the first few days, he had been worried for Jun Xie, afraid that the prodigious petite youth would suffer under the tormenting hand of Ke Cang Ju. But before long, Ke Cang Ju had brought Jun Xie and another disciple to frequently go around the various peaks. That was when Mu Chen realised that his worry had been unfounded. Ke Cang Ju might be malicious and cruel, but the petite youth’s knowledge in Medicine was rare and extremely hard to come by. It was a relief that even Ke Cang Ju would hesitate to destroy a genius that had joined the Qing Yun Clan.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen had never thought that after Jun Xie was accepted as a disciple of Ke Cang Ju, he even managed to gain his trust. Recently, he had actually grown to be like Ke Cang Ju in manners, and learnt to use threats.

Mu Chen was deeply saddened at that moment. The youth should have excelled in Medicine but had instead been twisted by Ke Cang Ju into such a pitiable state. His hatred for Ke Cang Ju deepened, and he bemoaned the “change” that had come over Jun Xie.

“Jun Xie, do you really know what kind of a person you are following? Ke Cang Ju is a demon! How many in the Qing Yun Clan have died under those hands!? Do not persist in your depravation! You are still very young and you have a long road ahead of you!” Mu Chen persuaded as he remembered the very good and lasting impression the youth had left on him the first time, and also due to his guilt of his inability to rescue Jun Xie from Ke Cang Ju, and he could it not help but to attempt to pull the youth back from the abyss.



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