GDBBM – Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: “Fear Spreads (2)”

Gao Xiong’s face paled visibly. Those words could not have been any clearer. Ke Cang Ju had obviously insinuated that he would not be leaving without Ash Cloud disciples going back with him. The Ash Cloud Peak had lost Jiang Chen Qing’s protective wing and if he persisted to go against Ke Cang Ju, he would in turn become the one in trouble!

“This….. this way please, Elder Ke.” Gao Xiong steeled his heart as he uttered those hated words.

Hua Yao nodded in satisfaction and led Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu intrusively into the Ash Cloud Peak and walked obtrusively within.

The three of them attracted all the curious gazes from the disciples of the Ash Cloud Peak. In moments, Gao Xiong revealed Elder Ke’s purpose of visit was to “select” disciples from among them and the news spread fast and furiously.

At that moment, the curious gazes turned to ones of fury and they all sensed the impending danger. They all knew the consequences from being selected only too well, and what Ke Cang Ju’s true intentions were.

If chosen, and brought back to the Hidden Cloud Peak, they would only face the inescapable fate of untold torment.

All the disciples prayed, that Elder Ke would not “grace” them with his eye.

Qiao Chu followed behind Hua Yao, looking at the disciples shrinking back in terror, he suddenly felt like a butcher about to choose livestock.

“Why do I feel like I am a villain?” Qiao Chu asked, rubbing his nose.

“If they are given a chance to retaliate, they would in turn become the villains. The reason you feel pity for them now is because we hold the upper hand now and they are victimised and can only submit themselves to our whims. If not for Jun Xie’s ingenuity, we would be the ones persecuted and victimised instead.” Hua Yao did not feel the least bit guilty. He had come to the Qing Yun Clan earlier than Qiao Chu, and in that period of a short half month, he had clearly seen the hidden hideous and ugly face of the mightiest clan throughout the lands.

The pitiful looking disciples cowering in fear before them now had been insufferably arrogant and egotistical before.

There had been several villages below the Cloudy Peaks before, but now, the villages had all disappeared and not a single person could be seen. Where had all the villagers gone? And why did they all disappear?

Within the Cloudy Peaks, every single one of them was guilty.

“You’re right. If that is the case, I would choose to be the villain right from the start, and not make myself a victim if the real villains had made their move against me first instead.” Qiao Chu said laughing.

Showing compassion to the Qing Yun Clan?

What a joke. Neither had the disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak pitied the monthly new recruits who were all tormented to death by Ke Cang Ju, but had partaken in deeds driving them further towards their doom.

The disciples of the Qing Yun Clan had all lost their conscience.

Within the whole of the Qing Yun Clan, those who had any sliver of conscience left had been killed by the supposed mightiest clan of the lands.

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu spoke in whispers and Jun Wu Xie looked at the two of them silently. She had heard their conversation and she raised an eyebrow as she continued to stare at the two youths seemingly silently thinking.

They were slightly younger than Mo Qian Yuan, but it seemed that they were a tad bit more mature in thinking.

Her newfound allies this time round, might not be such a handful to handle.

They prowled around the Ash Cloud Peak for half a day, almost driving the disciples there insane in fear, before they nonchalantly picked two disciples from among them.

The two selected disciples fell to their knees immediately, faces white as sheets, tears running down their faces, their eyes pleading hopefully at Gao Xiong who stood at one side observing the events, his heart wrenching in turmoil.

Gao Xiong was just the most senior disciple under Jiang Chen Qing, and he did not have the authority nor did he dare to defy the orders from Ke Cang Ju. Added to that fact was the loss of Jiang Chen Qing protection, Gao Xiong could only look away at the two disciples’ pleading eyes and maintained a stoic expression as he saw Ke Cang Ju out of the Ash Cloud Peak.


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