GDBBM – Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: “Fear Spreads (1)”

Qin Yue had flew into an almost uncontrollable rage at the news of Qin Yu Yan’s death and he could not wait to exact maniacal revenge upon the Jun Family and the Imperial Family of Qi, to the point that he inflicted unimaginable torment on the murderers of his only daughter even in his dreams.

Sadly for him, never in those dreams had he even thought that the very Jun Wu Xie, the very person responsible for the death of his beloved daughter, was right there in the Qing Yun Clan, listening in to his every word as he plotted his revenge.

Qin Yue wanted to annihilate the Jun Family, and Jun Wu Xie intended to bury the whole of the Qing Yun Clan.

One was hidden and the other had exposed all for his enemy to see, the game began here right in the deep recess of the Cloudy Peaks.

The might of the Qing Yun Clan did not allow Jun Wu Xie any mistake. If she failed to wipe out the Qing Yun Clan in its entirety, it would spell unmistakable doom for the Jun Family.

Returning to the disciples’ quarters, the little black cat entered its room under the watchful eyes of Qiao Chu, and exchanged its soul back to her original body.

Back in her own body, Jun Wu Xie sat up slowly, her eyes expressionless. The little black cat lay upon her lap, feeling rather tired as the it’s tiny soul had expended quite a bit of its energy to sustain Jun Wu Xie’s bigger body.

Jun Wu Xie looked out at the rays of sunlight that fell in through the window from the rising sun. Just like her mission, it was only just started to shine.

Hua Yao had gotten Qin Yue initial consent and the Qing Yun Clan was slated to see a wave of chaos coming. Within that chaos, Jun Wu Xie would only need to prod the QIng Yun Clan lightly from here onwards, towards their doom.

Later that very same day, Hua Yao made an appearance as the sinister Ke Cang Ju, and led Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu, his two recently favoured “disciples”, and paid a visit to their closest neighbour, the Ash Cloud Peak.

The Ash Cloud Peak had previously been under Jiang Chen Qing. After the demise of Jiang Chen Qing, the running of the Ash Cloud Peak fell into the hands of his most senior disciple Gao Xiong. When the news of Qin Yu Yan’s death had arrived, news of Jiang Chen Qing’s passing was passed to the Ash Cloud Peak. All the disciples within the peak were still in mourning and Jiang Chen Qing’s three direct disciples were devastated that they could not even conduct a proper burial for their revered Teacher.

When Hua Yao and his two other “disciples” appeared before the Ash Cloud Peak, Gao Xiong was talking to his fellow disciples with his eyes red rimmed. Upon seeing “Ke Cang Ju”, he wiped his hand across his eyes and hurried forward in greeting.

“Elder Ke.”

Hua Yao glanced at Gao Xiong dismissively and said: “Under the orders of the Sovereign, I am here in the Ash Cloud to pick a few disciples to help out at the Hidden Cloud Peak.”

Gao Xiong froze, knowing exactly what kind of place the Hidden Cloud Peak was.

That was the place that all the disciples from the other peaks avoided at all times. As not only the common disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak but even Ke Cang Ju’s own direct disciples had been known to mysteriously disappear often, and though unspoken, they all knew where those disciples had disappeared to.

Now, Elder Ke himself had come before the Ash Cloud Peak personally to “select” disciples. The unexpected demand made Gao Xiong felt a chill run up his spine.

Ke Cang Ju’s definition of help meant that the disciples selected would soon give up their lives!

“Elder Ke, our Master had just passed away, do you…..” Gao Xiong’s voice was hoarse and sweat ran down his back. When Jiang Chen Qing was still around, he did not have much to fear even in the face of Ke Cang Ju as Jiang Chen Qing would have their backs. But with Jiang Chen Qing’s passing, Ke Cang Ju had wasted no time to come right up to the Ash Cloud Peak and demanded that they hand disciples over to him. It was an obvious instance of bullying the peak without an Elder’s protection!

Gao Xiong did not dare to express his rage and could only look at Ke Cang Ju helplessly.

“It is precisely because your Master is no longer around that I, as an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan am aggrieved and am offering to care for these poor disciples on your Teacher behalf. Gao Xiong, you better know your place and I am here merely just to select a few disciples. Rest assured, you and your two fellow senior disciples would be spared as I am gracious enough to leave Elder Jiang his favoured direct disciples to at least take up his mantle to carry on his legacy.” Hua Yao declared domineeringly.



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