GDBBM – Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: “Obliterate (4)”

“I will leave it to our Sovereign to decide on how to and what to do to make it work for us.” Hua Yao refused to budge even with Qin Yue’s change of tact. He was not Ke Cang Ju and he did not care if he angered Qin Yue, not even if it made Qin Yue want to kill him for it. The only thing that mattered to Hua Yao was whether he could stir up chaos within the Qing Yun Clan.

Qin Yue stared angrily at Ke Cang Ju and remained quiet for a long while before he finally blurted out: “Alright! I agree to it! But you have to promise not to touch any of the Elders’ direct disciples. And you have to give me the poison in the shortest time possible because I refuse to wait!” Blinded by his desire for revenge for his daughter’s murder, and buckling under Ke Cang Ju’s obvious threat, Qin Yue had no choice but to give in to Ke Cang Ju’s unreasonable demands.

Although Qin Yue was aware that Ke Cang Ju’s demand would bring him great resistance and anger from the other Elders, he was nevertheless confident, that the Qing Yun Clan was firmly under his control and even the displeasure of the Elders would not bring about anything catastrophic.

Qin Yue’s arrogance would soon make him eat his own words. He had thought that although Ke Cang Ju was being arrogant, he would know the limits and not overstep the boundaries. Little did he realise, the Ke Cang Ju before him had been replaced with a different person, and this person, Hua Yao, together with Jun Wu Xie had wanted nothing more than to wreck havoc and plunge the Qing Yun Clan into chaos as they had never seen!

“Rest assured, I am sure you will be satisfied with it.” His objective achieved, Hua Yao did not  speak much after that and just nodded his head in agreement as Qin Yue continued to rant, but in his heart, he was silently laughing.

Despite all the grand plans he had for the Jun Family and the Emperor of Qi, Qin Yue was not aware that the very man right before him whom he was sharing his plans with, was plotting his demise right there in the Qing Yun Clan.

After Qin Yue was seemingly satisfied with the answer he got, he got up to leave.

As Qin Yue neared the door of the study, Hua Yao suddenly said: “Remember to keep that map safe.”

Qin Yue’s footsteps slowed and he froze a moment, as his back straightened. He remained silent for a while before he replied softly: “I know. It is very safe.”

Qin Yue had his back to Hua Yao then or he might have caught a flash of joy that showed briefly in Hua Yao’s eyes when he replied.

Qin Yue left, and only Hua Yao was left with the little black cat alone in the room.

Silence permeated, and finally Hua Yao laid his head on his palm and stared at the little black cat who had remained silent throughout all this while and asked: “Was your family the ones behind the killing of Qin Yu Yan and Jiang Chen Qing?”

Jun Wu Xie turned her furry head and looked calmly at Hua Yao. With Hua Yao’s quick mind, it was not difficult for him to be able to piece the facts together.

“It was me.” She replied honestly.

Hua Yao was taken aback at her honest reply and suddenly laughed out loud.

“So that’s why you wanted to wipe out the Qing Yun Clan. You had expected today’s events to happen all this time. You reasoned that if Qin Yue is allowed to to react before you do, you would have insufficient power to retaliate, and you have decided to wipe out the Qing Yun Clan a step before they do?”

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie said simply.

Hua Yao looked intently at the little black cat. Through that pair of cold eyes, he seemed to be able to get a glimpse of a sliver of the soul within that little body.

“After the matter with the Qing Yun Clan is settled, if you have the time, would you go back together with us?” He thought, at such a young age, and to possess such a calm and meticulous mind, made for an incredible combination.

“Didn’t I already agree to it?” The black cat narrowed its eyes and jumped off the table.

“Qin Yue did not seem to have any limits to Ke Cang Ju’s indulgent demands, as long as it did not threaten his position as the Sovereign. We are free to go do anything we want in the other peaks, anyway we want. Do not squander this opportunity.” Jun Wu Xie left behind these words and leapt nimbly out with the black cat’s body.

Hua Yao watched the black cat leap before his eyes and his smile reached those eyes in that rare instant. If it was Jun Xie, he just might be able to produce the medicine.


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