GDBBM – Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: “Obliterate (3)”

“It’s just killing a few people, I can agree to that. But in exchange, I need you to agree to one condition I have.” Hua Yao asked, his eyes intently watching Qin Yue.

“What is it?” Qin Yue asked frowning. His mind was dead set on vengeance for Qin Yu Yan and he would agree to any conditions that Ke Cang Ju wanted.

Hua Yao grew a little more confident and he smiled: “I might have called it a condition, but it’s actually a necessity for me to carry out your daughter’s vengeance. In my opinion, there aren’t many people capable of killing Jiang Chen Qing, and if my memory serves me correctly, several highly skilled exponents had also accompanied Jiang Chen Qing’s and the Eldest Miss’ delegation and they were all killed. That makes me suspect that the Qi Kingdom has experts with them. I am sure you are aware that the effects of poisons are weakened when used on skilled people, and the more highly skilled they are, the weaker the effects will be. If you want revenge for your daughter’s death, you will have to help me with it.”

Qin Yue stared at Hua Yao and said impatiently: “What do you need from me? Just tell me straight!”

Hua Yao laughed lightly and said: “It is very simple in fact. New recruits are too weak and I have lost interest in using them as experimental specimens for my research. I am not able to yield enough results from them. The disciples within the twelve peaks are skilled and they have always nurtured and developed their bodies. Their spiritual powers might not be parallel to expert exponents but the condition of their bodies are much better than many others. If I can use them to experiment my poisons, the results will give a more accurate reflection of its effects and inflict more agonising torment on the people who murdered your daughter, wouldn’t you agree?”

Hua Yao’s words made Qin Yue hesitate for a long while as he turned to face that hideous countenance, as the words sunk in.

“You want to use the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan to test your poisons?” Qin Yue’s voice had turned cold.

Hua Yao pushed on, “Why not? The Qing Yun Clan has so many disciples. If I just pick a few of them from each peak separately, it would not hurt them much anyway. Rest assured that I will not target any from you.”

“Ke Cang Ju! You are going a little too far this time!” Qin Yue stood up furiously. Did Ke Cang Ju know what he was asking for!? Using formally accepted disciples of the QIng Yun Clan as experiments for his poison, and he is targeting to use the disciples of the other Elders? That would be a big slap across the faces of the other Elders!

All the Inner House disciples of the Qing Yun Clan knew what kind of place the Hidden Cloud Peak was. If they were taken away just like that, how would the other disciples of the respective Elders see their own Masters!?

Hua Yao laughed coldly: “My authority in the Qing Yun Clan cannot be compared to yours. I am seeking the permission to carry out your request and I will need the authority from yours truly. Authority that came with the position of the Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan which became yours to command. If you did not crave for that authority then, the coveted position of the Qing Yun Clan’s Sovereign might have fallen into the hands of Mu Chen of the Cloud Treading Peak.” Hua Yao imitated Ke Cang Ju’s shrill high pitched voice perfectly.

Hua Yao’s obvious insinuation made Qin Yue turn pale and he clenched his fists tightly. Using all his might, Qin Yue pushed down the surging urge to smash the mouth of the nefarious Ke Cang Ju that had uttered those threatening words.

He had been very tempted to kill Ke Cang Ju on countless occasions, but he had held himself back for two good reasons. One was that Ke Cang Ju held evidence of Qin Yue’s plot when he had poisoned his own Master, and the second reason was that Ke Cang Ju was extremely well versed with poison. Although he was not equipped with any spiritual powers, the myriad poisons Ke Cang Ju hid upon himself might result in them both to perish together.

Among the two reasons, both held Qin Yue’s hand back, and even forced him to submit to Ke Cang Ju.

Qin Yue drew in a long breath, before he sat back down on the chair.

“I am sure you must have realised, that if I am to accede to your request, I would not be able to answer to the other Elders…” Succumbing to Ke Cang Ju’s threat, Qin Yue did not have much of a choice but to comply.


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