GDBBM – Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Orange Spirit (2)

“On what basis were they selected to be accepted!?” The other youths were indignant and furious and wished they could run to Elder Ke to ask him about it. Those two brats were inferior to them in every way, how could they earn the acknowledgement of the Elder?

The youths’ fury overtook them, but they did not dare to confront Ke Cang Ju, and they decided to take it out on Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie.

But they had witnessed Qiao Chu’s brutality and prowess before, and they finally “cleverly” decided to pick on the skinny and puny Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie had just returned to her room and was just about to go through her plans on how the mission was to be carried out when a hurried knocking sounded on her door, interrupting her thoughts.

She got up to open the door. Just when the door was opened a crack, several youths trampled in furiously, their faces menacing.

“Close the door quick!” One of the youths said hurriedly.

Jun Wu Xie, who had been pushed aside, stood frowning at the aggressive group of youths, her eyes cold as they closed the door.

Six to seven youths stood within the suddenly crampy room.

Jun Wu Xie remained standing on one side, her eyes growing chilly at the intrusion.

“Kid, where did you get those clothes?” One of the youths eyed Jun Wu Xie with an evil glint. They knew very well where Jun Wu Xie got those clothes from, but their intention here was to find trouble and they feigned ignorance to use that as an excuse to properly “teach” this snivelling brat some manners.

What made the Elders of two different peaks fight over this brat? And based on what ability was he accepted as a disciple barely two days into it when they had all just entered the Hidden Cloud Peak together!?

Just thinking about it infuriated the other youths to no end!

Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze across the group of youths and kept her silence.

“What!? You still dare to keep that mightier than thou pose of yours up!? You dare steal the clothes of our seniors! That’s a mighty travesty! If you will just take off those clothes and quietly hand them over to us and apologise, we will force ourselves to overlook this and spare you. If not, we will just snatch those clothes off you forcefully and drag you to our seniors and have them hand down the punishment onto you!” The youth saw that Jun Wu Xie still chose to maintain her silence and wrongly thought that their target had been too shocked to react, which further fueled their desire for vengeance.

They just wanted to give vent to their jealousy and hatred and paid absolutely no heed to the consequences.       

Jun Xie was merely a newly accepted brat of a disciple, and if they gave him a good enough trashing and threatened him to keep his mouth shut, he would not dare to tell tales on them in front of Elder Ke!  

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes had grown further chillingly cold, and her eyes narrowed and the chill in those eyes started freezing.

“You must be asking for it! My brothers! Strip the shameless thief of his clothes! I want to see how trash like him intends to keep up his pretense!”

Several well built youths, confident of their strength, pounced on the skinny Jun Wu Xie at that moment.

Jun Wu Xie’s frosty eyes flared, and the hidden spiritual powers exploded out of her body!

Her spiritual powers burst out in a brilliant orange flare, and a orange ball coalesced and glowed within her palm. She turned on her heel and avoided the hands of one of the pouncing youths, and she thrust the palm with the orange glowing ball into his jaw, sending him flying! She suddenly crouched and swept her foot, toppling all the attacking youths in one swift move! She exerted her spiritual powers into her palm and the glow suddenly grew! She threw out her hand and the orange spiritual powers sped quick as lightning towards the youths sprawled upon the floor!

A series of pitiful howling erupted echoing within the room!

The orange glow blasted itself onto the bodies of the youths, bringing a wave of agony to wash over them!

They quickly realised the shade of orange within the glow of the spiritual power and they all stared in utter disbelief!

What was this before their eyes!?

That brat was actually an orange leveled spirit!!     


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