GDBBM – Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: “Orange Spirit (1)”

The second day that Jun Wu Xie had come to the Hidden Cloud Peak, she and Qiao Chu donned the uniforms of the Hidden Cloud Peak disciples. To avoid raising unwanted suspicions, the both of them returned to the living quarters for disciples.

When they appeared within the courtyard wearing their new uniforms reserved only for Hidden Cloud disciples, the eyes of the other youths who had been tormented for two whole days nearly popped right out of their heads!

Those two brats had from the first day been lazy and avoiding work. When they were dragging their exhausted bodies to carry water, the two scoundrels had suddenly disappeared. And on the second morning, when they had been forced to bring their completely drained selves to water the herb beds, those two had been even more incorrigible!

They just decided to shut their eyes and fainted!

They had subsequently been sent to Elder Ke, to enjoy the Elder’s treatment.

To return the very next day.


They had the cheek to come back dressed in uniforms reserved for accepted disciples, cheeks rosy with being in the pink of health!!

“What in tarnation is going on!? Where did you get those clothes!” The youths were all bent over with exhaustion and they stared in rage at the well rested Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu, their eyes almost boring holes into their uniforms!

It’s not fair! The hardworking were oppressed! And the lazy were rewarded with style! It was just too much to take!

The youths were overcome with jealousy and envy, and they clenched their jaw in suppressed rage. A few more narrow minded ones ran straight up to the seniors passing by, to tell tales on the injustice they were made to suffer!

“Senior! Those two scoundrels are actually crafty and lazy…..” They poured out their woes and vehemently indicted Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu of their various crimes of laziness and avoiding work completely.

The Hidden Cloud Peak disciples who were stalled by the youths frowned at the incessantly chattering youth and said impatiently: “You shut your mouth now! Elder Ke pitied you guys for your weak bodies, and reduced the workload for you. Your time should be used to build up and strengthen those bodies and not used to prattle your mouth off! Let me tell you, only those who are dressed in this uniform are the real disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak and Jun Xie and Qiao Chu have been accepted and gained the approval of Elder Ke himself, and nobody is to question that! If anyone is to question Elder Ke’s authority in any way, he can very well get out of the Hidden Cloud Peak!”

After saying that, the disciple pushed the complaining youth away, his face infuriated.

Those sacrificial sheep actually had the audacity to fight for favouritism? If Elder Ke had not showered upon them his mercy, and spared them from a big portion of their daily torment, not a single one of them would be able to get out of here alive.

Just yesterday, Ke Cang Ju had summoned his head disciple and informed him that the Hidden Cloud Peak would temporarily have no need to increase the numbers of sacrificial sheeps. He would be caught up with the research of something new for a period of time and would have no time to handle those youths. So he had left instructions for the disciples to reduce the torment for the newly brought in youths.

With Ke Cang Ju’s orders, the Hidden Cloud Peak disciples had restrained themselves and stopped amusing themselves with the torment of the sacrificial sheep.

Those idiots did not know that they had just been mercifully spared, and they dared to still kick up such a fuss.

The youth who was just reprimanded by a senior stood speechless, rooted to the spot, as he stared at the diminishing back of the senior, and looked down at his own clothes, feeling the unfairness of the situation, as his heart winced in pain.

“What did those two scoundrels do to gain the favour of Elder Ke!? This whole thing is just impossible to believe!” The other youths at the side heard the whole exchange and felt just as aggrieved at the injustice. In their eyes, Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie were nothing but trash. Besides acting docile and pitiful, what else were they capable of? Trash like this could not possibly be accepted as disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak before them!


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