GDBBM – Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: “Orange Spirit (3)”

They were all just youths still in their teens, starting from the tender age of fourteen when their spirits awoke, they had at most trained and developed their spiritual powers for a mere three years. Within that short span, most people were still stuck at the red level while orange was far from their reach and still a distant dream.

The youths who came to Qing Yun Clan, were mainly those whose strengths leaned more towards medicine and had pursued strongly towards that field, their time and efforts were immersed in the study of medicine, forcing them to somewhat neglect their development of their spiritual powers. Hence, many disciples below twenty years of age in the Qing Yun Clan were commonly found still stuck in a sea of red.

But what was it with this brat!?

He looked to be fourteen or fifteen at most, yet he had already attained the orange level!

Spiritual powers awaken at the age of fourteen, and he actually broke through red to attain the orange level within a year!?

The youths were shocked speechless. Even if they disregarded Jun Xie’s dominating and impressive display of his knowledge of the extremely complicated nurturing and development of veins and arteries before Mu Chen, and assumed Jun Xie to have devoted all his time and energies wholly into the training and development of his spiritual powers, it was still impossible for someone to achieve a breakthrough within such a short span of time!

What was he fed with while growing up!?

He had shown himself to possess exemplary medical knowledge, and now it is proven his spiritual powers development had far surpassed any of them. What’s really going on here!?

The disparity between their spiritual powers were more than sufficient to make those youths who were a couple of years older than Jun Wu Xie knee before her in surrender. It might be a difference of just one level, but the level red was just the opening the door to see the expanse of spiritual powers for the first time, and level orange was already a step into the door opening a whole new realm of spiritual development and prowess. The distance between the two cannot be explained with words alone, but only fully understood by those who have crossed the threshold.

This was the first time Jun Wu Xie had used her spiritual powers in an attack, and the exquisite feeling of strength and power raging in her body, but fused naturally within, was an inexplicable feeling.

She cast her cold gaze on the pale faced youths on the floor and they started shivering uncontrollably when those chilling eyes fell on them.

In just a brief moment, the youths had lost all of their lofty and confident aggression. They had initially thought the kid named Qiao Chu would not be easy to handle, but never had they expected the tiny and petite one would turn out to be one not to be trifled with!

They shouldn’t be blamed for being blind to that fact, as it was true that, anyway you looked at Jun Xie, he did not seem to be one that would possess such strong spiritual powers, not in the least bit.

But the truth could be so cruel, the might of an orange level spirit, overpowered them completely, bashed their faces in, making their faces swell and looking like a bunch of pigs.

“Are all of you waiting for death to claim you?” Jun Wu Xie asked with her eyes narrowed when she saw the youths all still frozen with shock within her room and her frown deepened.

The youths then snapped awake and scrambled for their lives out of the door as if a horrifying ghost were after them.

Qiao Chu was about to knock on the door when he saw in puzzlement a group of startled youths shot out from Jun Wu Xie’s room in flight. He stood stunned, rooted to the spot, a look of incomprehension on his face.

“What did they want from you?” Qiao Chu stuck his head through the doorway and asked Jun Wu Xie. He noted that Jun Xie’s clothes were not ruffled and his expression was as usual before deciding that he had not been bullied. But those youths had fled like startled pigeons and ran like the wind, and he had been worried.

“Death.” Jun Wu Xie replied curtly, dispersing the orange glow in her palm.

Qiao Chu’s sharp eyes caught a glimpse of an orange glow dispersing from Jun Wu Xie’s palm and he blinked his eyes, unsure of what he just saw.

Little Xie was just a little over fourteen right? His spirit awoke barely half a year ago, and he couldn’t have broken through to attain the orange level so soon could he?

He must have been mistaken!

Qiao Chu was just about to put his foot in through the door when Jun Wu Xie suddenly slammed the door shut. Qiao Chu suddenly found his nose turning red and tears streaming down his face.

“I want to rest.” Jun Wu Xie’s marching orders sounded from behind the door and Qiao Chu was left rubbing his glaringly red bruised nose as he trudged back silently to his own room.

Little Xie’s personality was just too disagreeable!



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