GDBBM – Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: “Substitution (5)”

When Ke Cang Ju had helped Qin Yue seize the leadership of the Qing Yun Clan, he had naturally kept close to himself a hidden hand against Qin Yue to prevent him from burning all bridges after he assumed the leadership as the Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan. With this hold over Qin Yue, Ke Cang Ju forced Qin Yue to accede to his demands and was helpless against Ke Cang Ju’s vicious and malicious deeds within the Hidden Cloud Peak as Ke Cang Ju held knowledge of events that could turn Qin Yue’s reputation beyond redemption.

This secret, was accidentally overheard by Bai Yun Xian when Qin Yue and Ke Cang Ju had once quarrelled. Jun Wu Xie had not intended to use this against them, but Ke Cang Ju had forfeited his own life when he forcibly brought Death into his Hidden Cloud Peak, and he couldn’t blame anyone else.

Since this path was chosen due to unexpected circumstances, Jun Wu Xie would naturally use everything to her fullest advantage.

This secret hidden within the Qing Yun Clan, shocked Hua Yao and Qiao Chu. They both knew that Qin Yue had used underhanded means to ascend to the leadership position in the Qing Yun Clan, but they had not expected him to have employed such an extreme and despicable method by murdering your own Master!

In their worldly view of things, there was nothing more despicable than killing your own Master.

If word of this got out, Qin Yue would not only lose his position as the Sovereign, he would be cursed and spat upon wherever he went throughout the lands.

“With that information in hand, it is little wonder you were so sure Qin Yue would accede to such atrocious demands.” Qiao Chu almost clapped for Jun Wu Xie then, how did that kid know such shocking secrets that could hold Qin Yue by his throat?

Jun Wu Xie continued to say: “Ke Cang Ju had kept evidence of Qin Yue’s murder of the former Sovereign, and Qin Yue had always wanted to find it, but to no avail. We might not know where and what the evidence is, but that would not stop us from threatening Qin Yue with this information devastating to him.”

It did not matter whether they held the evidence in their hands, even if they still failed to locate it, Qin Yue would be forced to submit to their threats, without knowing that Ke Cang Ju had actually been replaced secretly.

Hua Yao nodded, understanding fully what Jun Wu Xie meant.

“We’ll carry it out just like what you have said, let’s go stir up some chaos within the Qing Yun Clan!”

Within the chaos, opportunities would surface. After Jun Wu Xie had wiped the Qing Yun Clan out, the two of them could then turn the Qing Yun Clan upside down to find the map that they wanted.

Moreover, using Ke Cang Ju’s unique relationship to Qin Yue, digging for information on the location of the map through conversations with Qin Yue would be easier and faster than if they were to run all over the place searching for information on it.

There was no doubt, the petite youth that Qiao Chu brought in, was more than a great help in their plans!

No matter if the elixirs they needed would be successful or not, they both owed the petite little youth more than they could repay!

That was the when the decision to drive the Qing Yun Clan into chaos, within that very study, was agreed upon. Till the day doom swept across the Qing Yun Clan’s Cloudy Peaks, no one knew that the calamity had first sparked off from right within the Qing Yun Clan.

Outside the door, hidden within the dark shadows and hearing every single word exchanged within the room, was Ye Sha, growing more shocked the more he heard.

This Young Miss’ mind was sharp, and beyond everyone. How long had it only been since she came to the Qing Yun Clan? Things had taken an unexpected turn from her initial plans but she had adapted to the changes and come up with a completely new plan within that short period of time. Just by listening outside, Ye Sha knew the Qing Yun Clan was doomed for sure this time!

Having incurred the wrath of the Miss, could only be seen as the Qing Yun Clan seeking their own death, and there was nobody else to blame for it.

Just Ke Cang Ju’s insidious deeds within the Hidden Cloud Peak had gone against the very fabric of nature, and would not be tolerated by the Heavens.

His Lord had ordered Ye Sha to protect her from the shadows, but from what he could see, she did not need any protection from others. With her heaven defying skills with poisons and drugs under those tiny hands, and that amazingly meticulous mind that foresaw all, they were more than enough to drive the Qing Yun Clan over the edge.



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