GDBBM – Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: “Substitution (5)”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly and felt it to be refreshing to work with intelligent allies.

“Qin Yue trusts Ke Cang Ju a lot, and gave him great autonomy and authority. Ke Cang Ju loved poisons to the point of obsession, and I think if he were to ask to be allowed to choose suitable candidates to help him from the other peaks, Qin Yue would not reject him.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

Hua Yao’s eyes brightened, “I am sure now, you meant every word you said when you said you wanted to wipe out the whole of Qing Yun Clan.”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow. Qiao Chu stared puzzled at Jun Wu Xie, and then turned to stare blankly at Hua Yao, scratching his head to show….. that he really could not keep up with the conversation!

“Wait wait wait wait!” Qiao Chu said suddenly, “Can you guys be a little more straightforward, and spare a thought for this not so intelligent mind?” Yes, he had to admit, he was not as meticulous in thought as Little Xie or Brother Hua. He had lost himself somewhere in the conversation and the other two had babbled on happily leaving him confused.

“You finally admit you are lacking in the intelligence department?” Hua Yao asked wickedly.

“You think everyone’s like you and Little Xie? Talking in riddles and expecting everyone to understand you.” Qiao Chu retorted.

Hua Yao sighed and started to patiently explain: “Jun Xie’s intention is to create a division among the Qing Yun Clan. Qin Yue favours Ke Cang Ju and allows him to act with impunity within the Qing Yun Clan. We saw that as a fact when Ke Cang Ju could get away with snatching disciples favoured and picked by Mu Chen right before his very eyes. Although Ke Cang Ju was highly arrogant, he was not stupid. He might have suppressed the Cloud Treading Peak blatantly, but he kept his hands off the other peaks. Because of this, the other Elders chose not to see Ke Cang Ju’s vile actions. And what if Ke Cang Ju were to suddenly decide not to be so discreet and abuse the indulgence Qin Yue allowed him onto the other Elders. It would be our guess that the Elders of the other peaks would not take it lying down.”

Qiao Chu was suddenly enlightened, “So, what Little Xie meant was that the other Elders would only know too well what Ke Cang Ju needed their disciples for, and if he were to blatantly go seize disciples from the other peaks, and the purpose was for the testing of poisons, it would definitely anger the other Elders. Am I right?” He finally understood what was going on.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and continued for Qiao Chu’s benefit: “Having had your own disciples taken away forcefully and showing their own Elders of their peaks being completely unable to protect them would be as good as slapping the faces of the other Elders. No matter how patient and benevolent they might be, none of them would be able to swallow the insult. And if Qin Yue were to insist on taking the side of the Hidden Cloud Peak, the other peaks will feel the injustice and react, and by that time, the Qing Yun Clan would not be as harmonious as before.”

Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes, hiding the chill within her eyes.

Stirring up conflicts between the Elders and Qin Yue was just an appetizer. What she wanted went way beyond just internal conflicts within the Qing Yun Clan.

“How do you know that Qin Yue will allow Ke Cang Ju to do as he likes? He isn’t that dumb is he? He should be able to see that Ke Cang Ju’s actions would result in great discontent from the Elders of the other peaks.” Qiao Chu tried to reason.

“He will.” Jun Wu Xie said softly. Other people might not know of the inner workings within the Qing Yun Clan, but Bai Yun Xian was a direct disciple of Qin Yue’s and she knew the finer intricacies and things about Ke Cang Ju that not many people knew about.

“If he does not, Ke Cang Ju would drag his name into the mud.”

“What does that mean?” Qiao Chu asked curiously, and even Hua Yao looked questioningly at Jun Wu Xie.

“The reason Qin Yue was able to become the Sovereign of the Qing Yun Clan was all due to Ke Cang Ju’s poisons. If Ke Cang Ju had not helped him poison the former Sovereign, the Qing Yun Clan would have fallen into Mu Chen’s hands.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as a chill flashed briefly within.

The Sovereign of the most revered clan throughout the lands, killed his own teacher, usurped the position of Sovereign. Such a crime, even for Qin Yue, would be devastating if pinned on him.


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