GDBBM – Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: “Beauty’s Facade (3)”

“I am rather pleased with my face at the moment. Please keep something so precious for people who need it. Please.” Qiao Chu politely declined in a hurry as he pushed Jun Wu Xie’s proffered hand far away from him.

He did not want to touch that “medicine” even with a ten foot pole, especially after witnessing the way Ke Cang Ju had died. It had given him goosebumps like never before and Ke Cang Ju’s face looked absolutely horrifying.

Jun Wu Xie’s Beauty’s Facade had not only Ke Cang Ju, but would haunt Qiao Chu in his nightmares for a long time!

He realised now, men shouldn’t be so obsessed with their looks!

Only then, did Jun Wu Xie finally keep the Beauty’s Facade.

Qiao Chu heaved a heavy sigh in relief, but…..

Did Little Xie just crack a joke and made fun of him? That was a rare sight.

The black beast observed Qiao Chu silently, as Qiao Chu’s thoughts were clearly written all over his face. The black beast really wanted to tell the naive youth that its mistress would never ever crack a joke. If Qiao Chu had dared to nod his head, Jun Wu Xie would have fed him the Beauty’s Facade!

Without a doubt!

“What do we do now?” Qiao Chu cleared his throat in haste, wanting to change the subject in a hurry.

“The Hidden Cloud Peak does not allow any outsiders to come in. Ke Cang Ju seldomly interacts with the disciples of the Hidden Cloud Peak, but he shows his face daily. The disciples here had seen him enter the building and if he did not appear for a long period, they will start to suspect something amiss.” Hua Yao frowned as he thought. He did not feel any loss for Ke Cang Ju’s death, but expected trouble to come from here onwards.

He then remembered Jun Wu Xie’s words and he turned to look at the tiny figure at the side, somehow feeling Jun Wu Xie had more up his sleeve.

“Ke Cang Ju is not dead.” Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

Qiao Chu stared at Jun Wu Xie, speechless as he pointed at the gory corpse on the floor, trying very hard to say something, but he could not find the words.

‘This is not dead?’

‘This is so dead that it cannot be any more dead!!’

However, Hua Yao’s face lit with understanding as he said: “You want me to replace Ke Cang Ju?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Qiao Chu’s eyes widened, not believing what he just heard.

“You want Brother Hua to become this hideous monster? Brother Hua can change his bones, but he can’t do anything with his skin.”

Ke Cang Ju was already rather advanced in age, and his rotten skin would not be what our smooth and fair skinned Hua Yao be capable of replicating.”

“I know of a way.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

Qiao Chu was silenced. He had thought Jun Xie was only prodigious with his elixirs, and now it seemed that the little kid had a lot more than meets the eye!

With Jun Wu Xie’s affirmation, Hua Yao did not see the need to say anything more as he had guessed Jun Wu Xie had thought this through and Jun Wu Xie had just confirmed it for him.

Having been tortured by Ke Cang Ju for more than half a month, Hua Yao had every little detail of Ke Cang Ju’s looks burned into his brain and changing his bone structure to be exactly the same as Ke Cang Ju was a piece of cake to him.

Soon, Hua Yao’s body underwent a great change. His tall slender frame changed gradually as his bones shifted and shrank, and his facial bones became less prominent and distinct.

Jun Wu Xie observed silently as Hua Yao went through the transformation, her interest highly piqued. She was skilled in changing her outlook, but nothing close to the complete transformation that Hua Yao was capable of. A person would be able to make use of various medication to make minute changes to their bone structure, but the overall body size and shape could not be changed. Hua Yao was not only able to shift his bones, he could even shrink or enlarge their size.

This phenomenon was way beyond even modern medicine.

The whole transformation process did not take long. Hua Yao transformed into a hunchbacked ugly figure, but his smooth and fair skin did not look any bit like Ke Cang Ju’s rough and wrinkled one.



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