GDBBM – Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: “Beauty’s Facade (2)”

Jun Wu Xie looked down at the grovelling figure at her feet, her half lowered eyes frosty with biting cold. She mercilessly retorted:

“That face was never yours.”

“NO! That is mine! Mine! Please return it back to me! Whatever you want, I will give it to you! I will listen to whatever you say! Please!” Ke Cang Ju pleaded pitifully, his tears mixed into the blood, as  the skin on his face split and bled further, and some flesh hung precariously from bits of skin still remaining.

Jun Wu Xie turned just before Ke Cang Ju could almost touch the end of clothes and walked away, heading towards the already teetering Qiao Chu.

“Swallow this.” As Jun Wu Xie held out an elixir within her palm.

Qiao Chu popped it into his mouth without hesitation and swallowed it immediately. The next moment, the burning pains suffered from the Lone Smoke started to fade, and except for his face being still a little pale, he did not feel any other discomfort.

“You sure enjoy hanging around, don’t you?” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow, as she glanced at the tall slender Hua Yao still hanging upon the wall.

Hua Yao closed his eyes a moment, and breathed out slowly, while he freed himself from his shackles.

The moment he stood upon the ground, Jun Wu Xie threw an elixir to him.

Hua Yao swallowed it without a word, and immediately felt the pain all over his body start to fade. He then proceeded to pull out the metal stakes lodged in his body while he said to Jun Wu Xie: “Thanks!”

After having shaken off the effects of the poison completely, the two youths went to look at Ke Cang Ju.

Ke Cang Ju was lying in a heap on the floor, his body in spasm from the unbearable pain. His eyes were bloodshot red, and looked extremely miserable. When he saw Hua Yao and Qiao Chu completely recovered from the poison’s effects after taking Jun Wu Xie’s elixirs, his eyes widened in disbelief and he opened his mouth wanting to say something, but at that moment, a wave of agony swept through his body, and the pain made him clench his jaw suddenly, which made him bite through his own tongue!

Blood spurted out from his mouth as his mouth filled and his shock made him gasp, which brought the blood into his lungs!

He clawed at his throat and chest, struggling to breathe and his spasms intensified.

The three youths just watched on calmly, quietly witnessing death come to claim the insidious Ke Cang Ju slowly.

Till the last moment, Ke Cang Ju had regret and despair written in his eyes…..     

If Jun Wu Xie had not let him see his own flawless and handsome face before he died, had not granted him his life’s greatest desire for that fleeting moment, he would not have understood the sense of loss and not felt such regret. He had finally firmly grasped his most prized good looks after so many long torturous years, only for it to be mercilessly snatched from his clutching fingers and destroyed bit by bit, slowly, right before his very eyes…..

If he had not known heaven, he would not have known the suffering in hell.

The black beast sat silently through it all, and licked at its paws.

[My mistress’ wicked sense of humour, hasn’t changed at all…..]

[Whatever her enemies treasured most, and prized above everything else, would always be the very thing her mistress crushed to dust, bit by bit, right before them.]

[It was just too wicked!]

Ke Cang Ju died, and died in regret and despair. He had died bringing with him, his most treasured face a gory mess, which could not even be described as merely ugly.

Qiao Chu stared at Ke Cang Ju’s ravaged dead body, and gulped in fright as he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

“Little Xie, this thing you said was called Beauty’s Facade….. You made it?” It was just too horrifying!!

Leading people right to the edge of the abyss and giving them no choice but to jump in was definitely much more cruel than a clean slice to the throat!

“I have more here if you are interested to give it a try.” Jun Wu Xie asked puzzled, but was willing to share it good naturedly, as she offered it to Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu turned white as a sheet immediately and shook his head till it almost fell off!


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