GDBBM – Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: “Substitution (1)”

The pretty youth’s transformation into a crooked ugly figure was too much for Qiao Chu to take and his eyes flipped from the stark contrast.

“And then, what comes next?” Not bothered by how ugly he had become, Hua Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, waiting for her to complete the transformation.

Jun Wu Xie did not say a word and pulled out a few bottles of medication from the cloth bag slung across her body.

What happened next almost made Qiao Chu’s eyes fall out of his head.

The various weird and unknown medicinal mixtures were applied to Hua Yao’s face. In a blink of an eye, his smooth skin turned rough and wrinkly, the fair shade turned dark and spotted. The skin around the pretty eyes swelled and puffed up before dropping down in sacks turning the eyes into narrow slits. Jun Wu Xie then proceeded to smeared more of medicinal mixture onto Hua Yao’s neck, hands and any other area that would be exposed under a robe and subjected the skin to the transformation.

Moments later, Hua Yao became “Ke Cang Ju”.

“Change into his clothes.” Jun Wu Xie said, pointing to Ke Cang Ju’s corpse lying in a heap on the floor.

Hua Yao showed Qiao Chu an expression of disgust, but he then walked head lowered in resignation, and picked the clothes of a corpse…..

Changed into the dark long robes, Hua Yao stood before Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu, the spitting image of the Elder of the Hidden Cloud Peak, Ke Cang Ju himself! Be it the height, body shape and facial features, he looked every inch just like him. Qiao Chu stared for a long while before he could utter a word.

“Looking at you really gives me the urge to jump over and give you a good thrashing.”

Ke Cang Ju was left looking even more miserable in his underclothes, lying upon the ground, his face frozen in an expression of deep regret and despair.

Jun Wu Xie retrieved a bottle of body dissolving chemical from a shelf at the side and poured it onto Ke Cang Ju’s body.

Ke Cang Ju’s body rapidly decomposed and dissolved and was finally reduced into a bloody pool, disappearing into nothing.

“Come on, it’s time you go look at your Hidden Cloud Peak, Elder Ke.” Jun Wu Xie cast a glance at Hua Yao, her radiant smile faded, and turned into the cold expressionless petite youth once again.

His Hidden Cloud Peak? Hua Yao smiled, marveling at the kid, Jun Xie’s ingenuity who had changed the leadership of the Hidden Cloud Peak without anyone of the Qing Yun Clan finding out. He started to believe Jun Xie’s words when he had said he wanted to wipe out the Qing Yun Clan. With such intellect and skills, he might just be capable of it.

Two Hidden Cloud Peak guards were standing outside the building and leaning lazily against the wall when the doors suddenly opened and they scrambled to stand at attention.

“Ke Cang Ju” stepped out from behind the doors with his hideous face sinister and the two guards hurriedly greeted him with their heads lowered, and they were shocked when they suddenly noticed two figures following behind the Elder.

Were those two not the very same sacrificial sheep sent within just hours ago? Why are they walking out from the building unscathed?

It was known that every sheep sent within had not ever walked out alive before, and they would only be carted out after their lives had expired and buried under the herb beds.

Things were different today!

The two disciples’ puzzled looks displeased “Ke Cang Ju” and he narrowed his eyes, staring coldly at the two offending disciples before he said in a sinister tone: “Stare again and I’ll have your eyes gouged.”

The two disciples shivered and quickly averted their eyes from the other two figures who followed behind the Elder, and kept their thoughts to themselves.

Ke Cang Ju’s moods were extremely unpredictable and killed without discretion. If anyone of them angered him, even as disciples of the Inner House of the Hidden Cloud Peak, they were not spared from his wrath.

Once the two nosy disciples seemed to realise their place, “Ke Cang Ju” shuffled off with a dark face and made Qiao Chu and Jun Wu Xie follow him. Before he left, he left instructions to the two shivering disciples guarding the building.

“Go deal with the fertiliser in the basement.”


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