GDBBM – Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: “Beauty’s Facade (1)”

“Like what you see?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly, her voice exceptionally chillingly cold and it echoed within the underground chamber, sounding rather unreal.

Ke Cang Ju’s face parted in a smile, his eyes almost fanatic, and he did not hear what Jun Wu Xie said at all. He stared at the reflection, unable to tear his eyes away from the image, and lifted a shivering hand to gently wipe away the streaks of blood on that flawless face.

Beauty like this, cannot be allowed to be marred in any way.

He wiped off the blood gently, little by little, all the time marveling at his own exceptional good looks.

Suddenly, the reflection on the water’s surface showed a split on the handsome face. The paper thin skin cracked, and blood poured out from the split on that face!

“NO! NO! DON’T! DOONN’T!!!” Ke Cang Ju looked at the face in the water that had been flawless just a moment ago, as more splits appeared a little by little, and the look in those eyes turned from marvel to one of unbelievable horror. He held up his hands to his face trying in vain to hold the flesh together.

It was futile, and absolutely impossible. Ke Cang Ju’s skin on his face then was just like the skin stretched over a drum, and the paper thin skin was unable to withstand the pull, and had started to split apart.

Splits appeared all over Ke Cang Ju’s face, as though someone had slashed him with a razor blade, a stomach churning sight.

Ke Cang Ju lost his mind then, clutching at his face, feeling horror that he had never felt before!

His flawlessly handsome face cannot be marred!



“What did you give me!?” Ke Cang Ju turned to Jun Wu Xie, as he realised the change had started right after he had swallowed the Bone Rotting Pill from Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie stood with her hands crossed before her, as she looked expressionlessly at Ke Cang Ju.

“You called that the Bone Rotting Pill yourself didn’t you? Was that not it?”

Ke Cang Ju was speechless, he had indeed thought that what Jun Wu Xie had fed him was the Bone Rotting Pill as it had looked exactly like it and had also smelled just the same.

But now, he believed he had been undeniably naive.

The elixir had already taken effect within his body and it was definitely nothing like the Bone Rotting Pill.

“What was that!? What exactly did you feed me with!? My face!!! Give me back my face!!!” Ke Cang Ju’s hands were still clutching at his face as he stared at Jun Wu Xie, with blood flowing down his hands, with pieces of thin flesh mixed in.

Jun Wu Xie replied in a soft and unhurried voice:

“Beauty’s Facade.”

“What?” Ke Cang Ju was puzzled. He had never heard of anything named thus.

“The pill I gave you is called the Beauty’s Facade. No matter how ugly a person was, as long as they swallowed the pill, they will gain a beautiful face.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes, and her smile grew as radiant as the sun at the break of spring. “But, that beauty lasts only for a short time.”

Very short, just slightly longer than a blink.

Ke Cang Ju looked in disbelief at Jun Wu Xie. He had initially thought the pill Jun Wu Xie showed had been the Bone Rotting Pill, but it had turned out to be something he had not even heard of before….. Beauty’s Facade…..

And the Beauty’s Facade had forced him to face a fate more agonising than death!

“Give me back my face….. Give it back…..” The pain on his face was growing more and more intense, and Ke Cang Ju started to twitch as he fell to the floor. He could not shield his face any longer and he crept, struggling at every step towards Jun Wu Xie, his hair a tangled mop, his face a bloody mess, looking nothing like the arrogant and malicious Elder within the Cloudy Peaks just a day ago at the recruitment’s final assessment.

“Whatever you want, I will give it to you. Just give me back my face….. If you would give it back to me…..” Ke Cang Ju had never been so frightened. The face he had yearned for had just finally become his, but had been destroyed after just a fleeting moment, and made him look even more hideous than before now.

Having had a taste of possessing good looks, he could not stomach the heart rending loss and would never be able to accept this even more hideous countenance now!


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