GDBBM – Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: “Fifth Slap (10)”

“The Bone Rotting Pill has no effect on me! Stop wasting any more of my time! Even if you manage to kill me here, Qin Yue will not spare any of you here! Do not think you can still step out of the Qing Yun Clan alive!” Ke Cang Ju said venomously to Jun Wu Xie.

“Really? Is that so?” Jun Wu Xie replied smiling.

Jun Wu Xie’s reply made Ke Cang Ju uneasy somehow but the black beast did not make any threatening moves and remained still.

Did that mean the kid would not kill him?

As Ke Cang Ju contemplated, he suddenly felt a burning sensation on his face. He held his hands to his face as the burning intensified. His face suddenly felt warm and wet under his fingers!?

He held out his hands and looked at them in shock, and saw his hands covered in blood. The dark blood covered both of his hands and he watched in horror as a piece of flesh fell onto his hands before him!

“Arghhhh!” A horrified scream erupted from Ke Cang Ju’s throat as he realised that the flesh was falling off from his face in pieces. His whole face was like molten lava, and the pain that assaulted him was unbearable.

“My face…..! My face…..!” The consuming pain drove Ke Cang Ju to his knees, and he crawled away in horror, wanting to hide his terrifying ordeal from people, as flesh and blood continued to fall. Ke Cang Ju made for a disgusting sight in the underground chamber then.

He had been born hideous, but he was nevertheless still a human. Ke Cang Ju could not imagine the horrifying fate he would have to face if his looks were to be further destroyed. It would be more merciful to just kill him now.

As ugly as he thought himself to be, Ke Cang Ju treasured his twisted features and looks. The slightest blemish or knick suffered on his face was an unbearable ordeal.

No one went up to stop Ke Cang Ju. Jun Wu Xie stood unmoving, her cold eyes staring as Ke Cang Ju scrambled and crawled to a basin of water on one side.

He looked just like a stinky bug, skittering across the floor, disgusting and nauseating.

When Ke Cang Ju got to the basin, he exerted all his strength to clamour up and kneeling, peered into the water. What met his eyes then, caused him to freeze in position, as shock ran through his entire being!

The rotting mess of flesh had disappeared completely and underneath the streaks of blood that remained, was smooth and fair skin. His puffy and saggy eyebags were gone, which had previously squeezed his eyes almost completely shut. He saw a pair of startling sparkling eyes, looking back at him in the reflection, in total disbelief at the face staring back at him.

‘This is me?’


The man in the reflection, might not be described as handsome, but he was at least slightly good looking with even features. Compared to the hideous face he was used to seeing, this blood smeared face was exceptionally attractive to him.

At that moment, Ke Cang Ju forgot all the pain that wrecked his face, as he stared obsessively at his new face!

“This is me….. I….. I am so good looking…..” Ke Cang Ju cackled maniacally, he had lived his whole life deeply immersed in his hatred of other people’s good looks, and his jealousy had been due to his own hideous countenance.

All of that disappeared at that moment, as untold joy seeped into that cold unfeeling heart!

He had become handsome, that euphoric ecstasy drove any feeling of pain away from his mind.

When the last rotting piece of flesh had dropped off from his now flawless face, the eyes of the reflection on the water’s surface shone brilliantly with obsession and glee.

So obsessed was Ke Cang Ju that he did not notice Jun Wu Xie, who had been standing at the same spot all this while, had eyes that suddenly turned icy, glinting with frost.


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