GDBBM – Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: “Fifth Slap (9)”

Just moments ago, the needles the brat had shot out from his hands had been just common silver needles, and had contained not a trace of poison. Useless needles such as these, as long as they did not pierce into a vital spot, would not be able to cause him any harm.

Ke Cang Ju might not be confident of avoiding all of Jun Wu Xie’s needles, he was sure that he could avoid them from hitting any vital spots.

The brat was immune to the poison, but it seemed his companions were not that lucky!

Ke Cang Ju cast his eyes onto the wavering Qiao Chu behind Jun Wu Xie.

Qiao Chu had released his spirit powers to shield his body, but it was not enough to stop the Lone Smoke completely, and Qiao Chu was beginning to waver as he stood, and the skin over all over his body was glaringly red, showing the exact symptoms of having been poisoned by the Lone Smoke.

Soon, Qiao Chu would be on his last breathes.

Besides his horrifying poison, Ke Cang Ju had no other fighting abilities. If he were to be engaged in a melee with a strong spirit user, he would not last a heartbeat.

But standing before him, the young boy had no strong ring spirit, and did not seem to have attained any high level spiritual powers himself as well. At his age, even if his ring spirit had awoken, his spiritual powers should still be struggling at the red level. A tiny red leveled spirit user posed no real threat to him.

Ke Cang Ju justified and cleared his fears and doubts, and a smile crept back only his face.

Jun Wu Xie noticed the change in Ke Cang Ju’s expression and looked at the poison in her hand before she said: “So you call this Bone Rotting Pill?”

Jun Wu Xie’s question only served to reinforce Ke Cang Ju’s suspicion that the brat did not have any terrifying poison in his possession. If he was that well versed with poison, shouldn’t he have recognised the Bone Rotting Pill? An ignorant kid that couldn’t even identify the Bone Rotting Pill would not possess anything that posed a threat to him, and only stood up to him based on his body that was immune to poison!

With that belief, Ke Cang Ju regained his arrogance and sinister expression.

“Kid, you dare bring my own poison before me to intimidate me? How naive and ignorant.”

“Your own poison?” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow. Suddenly she waved her hand forward and called out: “Little Black!”

A massive black shadow streaked forward from behind Qiao Chu, and it pounced onto Ke Cang Ju who had just regained his confidence a moment ago.

Ke Cang Ju could not even react in time to dodge and found himself knocked backwards by a brutally overwhelming force and fell onto the ground. When he recovered from the shock and the pain, he found himself helplessly pinned under a black beast’s massive paws upon his shoulders, rendering him immobile. Before his eyes, was a massive black beast’s slavering jaws, its razor sharp fangs glinting under the dim firelight!

His newly restored arrogance melted away in that instant, torn to shreds by the black beast upon him, the expression on his face replaced with one of sheer terror.

“You claim this is your own work, why don’t you try it on yourself?” Jun Wu Xie walked over slowly keeping herself on the side. That man was too filthy and if she were to touch him in the slightest, she would be so disgusted that she would want to skin herself, hence, she had made little black cat to do it for her.

Jun Wu Xie gestured to the black beast and the beast gave a ear splitting roar before it kicked its hind paw on the belly of Ke Cang Ju!

Ke Cang Ju screamed under the pain and with his mouth opened, Jun Wu Xie flicked her wrist and threw the tiny Bone Rotting Pill into the opened mouth. Little black cat immediately lifted its paw and pressed on the chest of Ke Cang Ju, forcing him to gasp and swallow the pill down his throat and into his belly.

Once the pill was swallowed, the black beast got off from Ke Cang Ju in disgust.

Ke Cang Ju sat up gasping heavily, holding his chest in pain, as he stared maliciously at Jun Wu Xie.

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