GDBBM – Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: “Fifth Slap (8)”

Never in his worst nightmares had Ke Cang Ju ever dreamt that he would be overpowered by a mere brat, pushed to the point like this. He watched in horror as Jun Wu Xie closed the distance between them. And with every approaching step, Ke Cang Ju cringed. He flung his hands out in desperation, as puffs of smokes in various dark shades of colours sprayed towards Jun Wu Xie!

He had lived all his life with the firm belief he had in his poisons, and that brat would be no exception to the countless opponents that had died under them!

Even if the most deadly Lone Smoke had no effect, the other myriad fatal poisons he held hidden within his sleeves must have one that would kill the kid!

However, Jun Wu Xie continued forward, not even blinking, stepping through the heavily poisoned clouds of smoke that swirled around her, her cold chilling eyes shining through the dense poisonous fog.

Those eyes held nothing but utter contempt!

“Are you finished?” Jun Wu Xie asked impatiently, after seeing Ke Cang Ju’s desperate attempt to throw everything he had at his disposal right onto her.

Ke Cang Ju looked at Jun Wu Xie, and words seems to fail him at that moment. The successive gusts of smoke he released had contained tens of different lethal poisons from all over the world. Even the strongest of fighters would have fallen under his incessant onslaught with the copious amount of poison he had released.

Nevertheless, Jun Wu Xie still stood, unaffected, and her radiant smile only seemed to him, to be mocking at his weakness and hideous looks.

“I can’t believe ….. Unbelievable…..” Ke Cang Ju fell back a step, his face taking on a deathly pallor.

He had grown up hideous, his veins and arteries deformed and incomplete, and hence his contractual ring spirit had not even awoken. He cursed the heavens at the injustice, and delved headlong, committing his whole life to the study of poison. Even without the strength given by spirit powers, without a mighty contractual ring spirit, he carved out his own path with poison, to kill all who despised and went against him.

But now, his vision had been shattered, by a young boy before him.

His prized poisons that had been his pride and joy, were now a joke to Jun Wu Xie. The study and research that he had committed his whole life to, could not even harm a single strand of hair on Jun Wu Xie.

How did she overcome his life’s work so easily!?

“If you are finished, then it’s my turn next.” Jun Wu Xie’s smile widened and she retrieved a grey porcelain bottle from a cloth bag on her.

Ke Cang Ju’s eyes were fixed intently on the bottle within Jun Wu Xie’s hands, as though a ferocious beast was trapped within it.

When Jun Wu Xie poured out a tiny elixir the size of her little finger’s nail, Ke Cang Ju heaved a sigh of relief.

Ke Cang Ju had expected for a boy seemingly totally immune to the myriad poisons he released, to counter with a more fearsome and deadly poison. But the boy had instead produced a common pill, and judging by its outlook, Ke Cang Ju was certain that that was just a Bone Rotting Pill.

The Bone Rotting Pill was highly poisonous and deadly, and when ingested, the bones within the person’s body will quickly start to rot and decay. To the common man, this poison was frighteningly lethal, but to Ke Cang Ju, it could not be something more common to him.

The Bone Rotting Pill was one of the products of his whole life’s work in the study and research of poison. And most of the Qing Yun Clan’s disciples would even carry a couple of them on them at all times.

The impertinent brat actually had the cheek to try to intimidate him with his own Bone Rotting Pill? That was a joke! With every kind of poison that he produced, he had researched its contents intensively and knew everything about them. He had taken all precautions to ingest the antidotes to provide him immunity from them. No matter how much of his own poison he took, they would not have any effects on him.

“Kid, do you know where that Bone Rotting Pill you hold in your hand had originated from?” Ke Cang Ju suddenly wanted to laugh, to laugh at his own uncalled for anxiety over the boy. The boy’s immunity to his poisons had greatly surprised him, and besides that, he was just like any other ordinary boy. He must have been too shocked, and allowed panic to overcome him. Now that he had calmed down, he realised that he was not in that much of a danger.

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