GDBBM – Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: “Fifth Slap (4)”

“If you beg me, I might just consider lessening your agony. After all, a disciple like you, is someone I greatly favour.” Ke Cang Ju sneered with a cackling laugh. He absolutely loved it when he saw these beautiful blooming flowers of youth, struggle to live and succumb in the end under the torment of his making, to wilt and finally die.

When pain and fear overtook them, especially when their fair supple flesh of youth were torn and shredded, it had always made excitement surge up within and gave him a twisted sense of satisfaction.

Hua Yao was undoubtedly, among all the “disciples” he had recruited, the one who had the most outstanding looks. When he had first laid eyes on this pretty youth that stirred his heart, his soul had roared to rip apart the pretty face before him, to use poison to rot the bones beneath those distinctly sharp and prominent features, to destroy and grind into the mud, the beauty that was shamelessly being flaunted, stinging his eyes and gnawed at his soul.

“Too slow.” The pretty youth, with a trail of blood flowing down the corner of his mouth, said suddenly, slowly.

Ke Cang Ju paused, not understanding what Hua Yao had meant by those words.

“I thought you were enjoying what the hideous monster had specially prepared for you.” A clear carefree voice suddenly sounded out behind Ke Cang Ju!

Ke Cang Ju turned immediately and looked in puzzlement at the two youths standing just steps away from him!

Weren’t these two boys unconscious and barely alive just moments ago?

“Yucks! At this close distance, your face looks absolutely ugly and disgusting!” Qiao Chu held his hand to his mouth in mock terror, taunting the shocked Ke Cang Ju.

“Ugly!? Who are you calling ugly? You imbecile!” Ke Cang Ju’s face contorted in rage.

All his life, Ke Cang Ju had absolutely hated anyone to talk about his looks. And because of that, he had hated any male he came across who were blessed with good looks, and not even children, were spared from his wrath!

This pipsqueak here, dared to call him ugly to his face!?

He could not wait to shred him into a thousand pieces!

Ke Cang Ju made his move immediately, unable to contain his rage, as three dark cold glints shot towards Qiao Chu’s vitals!

At the same moment that Ke Cang Ju made his move, streaks of silver flashed and stopped the three dark glints in mid flight!

Clink! Clink! Clink!

Three clinks sounded successively!

The moment the silver streaks had clashed into the dark glints, three black needles and three silver needles clattered to the floor, glinting under the flickering torches.

Ke Cang Ju’s eyes widened in amazement, staring in disbelief at the unremarkable youth before him.

His poison needles had never failed him before, even when he had used them on an unsuspecting indigo level spirit user and taken him down. But this youth here actually stopped all three of his poison needles after he made his move!? What surprised him more was after he saw that the silver needles that had stopped his dark poison ones were smaller in weight and size!

He had shot out the needles discreetly without holding back. How did the youth detect and reacted within the split second to stopped his dark needles in their tracks!?

He squinted to take a good look at the youth, and that look gave him a great shock when he realised the youth standing at the side was the very same youth that he had snatched right from under Mu Chen’s nose!

Ke Cang Ju hated good looking youths, and the better looking they were, it brought about a greater hatred. Hence, every month, when he picked from the candidates who failed to be accepted into the Qing Yun Clan, he had always chosen the slightly better looking ones. He usually did not pay attention to ones like Jun Wu Xie, small in build, facial features though delicate, but not outstanding. He had forcibly snatched Jun Wu Xie from right under Mu Chen’s eyes because he hated Mu Chen’s youth and his good looks, but was unable to do much more against Mu Chen, when they were both Elders of the Qing Yun Clan.

Compared to Jun Wu Xie, the tall slender youth standing next to him looked more appetising to Ke Cang Ju, as he stirred a greater amount of hatred within, with his better looks.

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