GDBBM – Chapter 281

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Chapter 281: “Fifth Slap (3)”

Jun Wu Xie stood up and glanced at the two daggers lying on the floor near her feet. Her cold gaze shifted as she turned and came to stand beside Qiao Chu. She then pried his mouth open and popped an elixir into it.

The next moment, the rigid figure lying upon the wooden platform jumped up suddenly and Qiao Chu screamed!

“Disgusting!!! Ptui!!” Qiao Chu stood pulling at his cut up clothes and both his hands wiped his chest furiously till his skin turned red and sore.

‘Damn! He was just caressed by a man!’

‘Was that idiot a pervert!?’

The images of him being caressed by that perverted trash when he was fully conscious but was unable to move made Qiao Chu lose his mind! He walked single mindedly towards that despicable face that made him boil over with rage and stood next to the black beast, his eyes burning with unbridled anger!

The black beast hesitated and blinked at the fuming Qiao Chu, and cast a confused glance at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly.

And the black beast lifted its right paw.

The same moment that the black beast lifted its paw, the relieved disciple took a deep breath, but found himself lifted in the air by a raging Qiao Chu who exploded in the very next second!

“Keep it down.”Jun Wu Xie shot Qiao Chu a look of warning.

Qiao Chu flipped his hand and covered it over the mouth of the disciple who was about to scream and pressed him onto the ground. With his free hand, he clenched it into a fist and rained heavy punches, pummeling away to vent out the disgust and frustration within!

The disciple could not escape from the hand covering his mouth nor break free from Qiao Chu as he struggled his hardest to escape. However, the thin frame of Qiao Chu hid surprising strength that could rival Drunk Lotus as he held the disciple down with one hand and pummeled away with his other, ravaging the face under his fist!

The other Hidden Cloud Peak disciple still pinned under the black beast was forced to watch on as his compatriot was hammered into a bloody mess, his bones almost completely broken all over, and he himself began to shiver.

Only when the man breathed his last, did Qiao Chu release him. He slowly stood up, wiped his blood covered fist on his tattered clothes, and said with a frown: “These were my best clothes! And now they’re ruined too!”

“Say, Little Xie, what did you feed me with anyway? I could not move a muscle at all!” Qiao Chu decided that he would never want to go through that again. When Ke Cang Ju had appeared, he had wanted to punch him then, but his body refused to move a single inch, until Jun Wu Xie popped the second elixir into him before he regained the movement of his limbs and body.

“The act must be complete.” Jun Wu Xie said softly, as she eyed the other Hidden Cloud Peak disciple under the black beast’s paw.

The disciple noticed Jun Wu Xie’s eyes on him and he started to shiver more violently and he stared at Jun Wu Xie in fear, shaking his head, in a silent plea for his life.

“Kill.” Jun Wu Xie commanded.

Before he could make a noise, the black beast bit through his neck. His face was still frozen, with a look of horror upon it.

With the two disciples dealt with, Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu proceeded deeper into the underground chamber.

In there, the “lesson of the day” for Hua Yao was still ongoing, with Ke Cang Ju “teaching”. Totally immersed in his instruction of his students, he suddenly noticed a reaction for his student. The pretty youth under torture finally raised his head, his eyes bright, staring straight in front of him.

“Finally? You’ve reached your limit?” Ke Cang Ju cackled, and his evil laughter echoed in the underground chamber. All this time, Hua Yao had not shown the slightest reaction to the numerous torture inflicted upon him, but finally, his eyes had changed. Did this mean that the boy can finally no longer bear up under his ingenuity?

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