GDBBM – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: “Fifth Slap (5)”

Jun Wu Xie, who had been admitted into the Hidden Cloud Peak just to spite Mu Chen, currently became a great shock to Ke Cang Ju.

The youth’s skills and precision with flying needles were on par with him!

How was that possible?

Ke Cang Ju had been unstoppable with his hidden flying poison dark needles in sneak attacks. His discreet attacks on unsuspecting opponents had taken down many senior high leveled spirit experts, and it had failed on a young pipsqueak of a youth here?

The fact remained though, that Jun Wu Xie had done it!

“You really….. disgust me.” Jun Wu Xie, who had remained silent all this time, furrowed her brow, as the image of Ke Cang Ju standing before her, duplicated with her memory of the demonic figure of her past life, who declared in the name of research, and carried out unspeakable cruelty and horrors. People like them, must not be allowed to live at all!

Under that cold gaze, Ke Cang Ju could feel a chill from his feet running up through his bent and crooked body.

It was an insult to him that a gaze from a little brat could send shivers through him!

“You brat! Such a filthy mouth! It does not matter who you are, but once you set foot onto Hidden Cloud Peak, do not even think of stepping out alive!” Ke Cang Ju cackled with forced bravado, refusing to believe that the two little kids could cause so much of a stir here!

The Hidden Cloud Peak was his domain!

“Can you stop me?” Jun Wu Xie lifted her face, and the corners of her mouth curled into a devilish smile.

The unremarkable face was somehow transformed by that devilish smile that surfaced into a beautiful face!

“Try me and you’ll find out! Rest assured, I will allow you to live longer than the rest, to fully savour the torment I will prepare just for you!” Ke Cang Ju’s evil cackle rang shrilly, as the unbridled hatred broke loose when he saw the beautiful face with the devilish smile on Jun Wu Xie.

All beautiful things, must be totally destroyed!

Qiao Chu stood there, a frown on his face. He had wanted to rush in and teach that malicious hideous monster a lesson.

But Jun Xie had suddenly raised a hand and stopped him in his tracks.

“Stand back.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes, her smile growing more radiant.

Qiao Chu paused in hesitation. He felt that the Jun Xie before him was a different person. He was obviously smiling so radiantly, but that smile had sent chills through his body. That unnerving feeling made Qiao Chu submit to Jun Wu Xie’s command, and he took a step back.

“Kid, you are looking to die.” Ke Cang Ju did not think Jun Wu Xie was a threat. It was just a kid before him, and even if he possessed surpassing abilities, it did not matter to him. Ke Cang Ju’s prowess was not in his fighting capabilities, but from his expertise in poison!

Poison that killed his enemies unknowingly, without form!

Under the skies, no one was more familiar than him, how to kill with poison. When he wanted it, he could kill anyone, anytime, to die not not knowing what had killed him!

“With just two brats like you, you have no chance. Within the Hidden Cloud Peak, not even a contingent of soldiers can take me down. You will only find death before you, and soon, you will find out what true agony is!” Ke Cang Ju’s face twisted grotesquely as he smiled, and his hideous face became horrifying to look at, looking like a ghastly repulsive monster just climbed out from the abyss!

The bronze bells at the end of his robes rang loudly and plumes of green smoke emitted from the bells as it permeated and spread throughout the chamber.

As the green smoke rose, Hua Yao who was still suspended on the wall, showed rare shock on his face when he had been calm even under torture. His voice panicked, he suddenly shouted: “Go! Get away quick! That is poisonous Lone Smoke!”

Ke Cang Ju’s cackling laughter rang out maniacally as he stood with his arms outstretched, staring viciously at Jun Wu Xie and Qiao Chu.

“Trash of the lower realm, you should feel honoured to die under the deadly lethal Lone Smoke!”


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