GDBBM – Chapter 280

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Chapter 280: “Fifth Slap (2)”

The youth took on the slashes without uttering a single sound with his head lowered, as he clenched his jaw tight. Within the pair of pretty eyes, they did not show any trace of fear or terror, but flashed with a chill and showed defiant calm.

The endless cracks from the cane echoed throughout the underground chamber while the two disciples outside lowered their heads as they began to “prepare” the two newly arrived sacrificial sheep.

“That kid in there can really take it, he’s actually still alive!” One of the disciples said indifferently, having gotten used to the daily tortuous experiments that happened daily in the underground chamber, and Hua Yao was the only one to still survive after more than ten days under the malicious hands of Ke Cang Ju. Before him, none had managed to last that long.

Forget ten days, none had lasted more than even five days! Basically, any of the new recruits sent here mostly die in three days and even if they miraculously survived, an outcome worse than death awaited them. Their vision and voices would be snatched away from them, becoming blind and mute, unable to utter a single word of protest or curse and immersed in the urns that were filled to the brim with poison. Death was actually a relief for these people.

“I took a look at him earlier this morning, he would not last much longer.” The other disciple replied without any expression.

“I wonder how long these two sheep here would last, two days? Or three days….. This kid here had looked rather thin, but he is actually rather muscular.” The disciple exclaimed as he cut up Qiao Chu’s clothes. Under the tattered tunic, his firm muscular chest glistened under the dim flickering torches, as the disciple admired for a little longer before he reached out his hand and stroked Qiao Chu’s chest when he could not resist it any longer. The disciple, absorbed in his admiration and the feeling that lingered on his fingertips, had not noticed that the sacrificial sheep that laid there, had seemed to shiver from his touch.

The other disciple pouted at his partner’s luck as he stared at the petite and skinny specimen of a boy before him, and was about to begin with his task in disdain.

“I don’t know about yours, but this one here, should be lucky if he could even last through today.”

As he spoke, he picked up the blade, raised his hand and was about to cut through the clothes when his hand was back in mid action.

The disciple froze, the shock paralyzing him a moment, as he looked in disbelief at the small hand that was gripped on his wrist!

That hand, belonged to the little brat that lay before him.

“Little Black.” Jun Wu Xie, who had been unconscious just a second ago suddenly snapped her cold and chilling eyes open, and with a low call, a massive black shadow had suddenly appeared in the underground chamber!

The two disciples had been rather laid back and relaxed when suddenly, they spotted the big black beast, but it had pounced on them from within the shadows fast as lightning before they could react and pinned them firmly onto the ground!

How did such a huge beast get into this underground chamber?

And they had not even noticed anything at all!

The daggers that they held within their hands had dropped on the ground when the massive beast had pounced on them, and it held them both down under a paw each pressed against their necks, its sharp claws digging into their carotid artery. A little more pressure, and the beast would have taken their lives!

Everything had happened too fast, and they only glimpsed a massive shadow before they found themselves pinned, and were unable to react in the slightest.

“Hear them utter one word and kill them.” The cold clear voice sounded in the ears of the two Hidden Cloud Peak disciples and their eyes widened in fear when they saw where the voice had come from.

A small petite figure sat up slowly on the wooden platform unhurriedly. The small youth who had been unconscious just moments ago now sat there looking at them with eyes that sent a chill deep into their bones as they lay on the floor, not daring to move a muscle.


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